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Good Things

Despite feeling a bit like roadkill today (angry, throbbing uterus + headache =/= a good time), some good things happened. I need to start focusing more on the positive things in life, because I'm very much a pessimist and it's too easy for me to get bogged down in a sea of negativity. So some good things that happened today:

Food-wise, I had a major milestone: no snacks. Not a one. And I'm normally a heavy grazer, snacking on things here and there throughout the day. But not today! Being at school all day helped, I'm sure, as I was out of the house and occupied from 9-6. But with my track record, the fact that I only had a single piece of sugar-free gum outside of my three meals today was just amazing.

Also, after Burger Night I had a brief feeling that I'd failed, so what the hell, why not go hog wild? But I didn't. Because I? Am on a roll here. Hells yes.

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