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Back From The Dead (now with strawberries!)

Wow, so I've been neglecting this blog for the last few days. There have been circumstances - Connecticut, homework, subsisting on french fries and as such having nothing post. Unfortunately I'm not kidding about that last one. I pretty much threw caution to the wind for a while and didn't really feel like owning up to it. Also, I've been kind of generally down about things and haven't felt like doing much of anything at all. But those are all just excuses, really. Except for the homework. That shit's for real.

But I'm back, blog-wise and food-wise. I had a fling with chocolate bars and french fries and yeah, they were good, but I feel gross. Today was good, though, and yesterday wasn't too bad even though there were french fries involved. Goddamn french fries. Way to make a freaking vegetable really unhealthy.

I'm going to keep a more conscious eye on my calories for a little while, so even though I'm not posting what I ate I am pleased to inform you, dear readers, that I consumed just under 1,300 calories today. A little low, but my (mental) comfort range is from 1,300 to 1,600 so on that front it's satisfying.

I made peanut noodles with lots of veggies (peas, broccoli, yellow peppers, and leeks) for dinner, but I didn't take a picture. I did, however, take some of the strawberries I had while watching the finale of Project Runway.

They were amazing. I am in love with the thought of spring.

PS - Santino was robbed. And I don't even like Santino.

Try not to be too harsh with yourself. During busy times full of stress, it's easy to fall back into high-calorie habits. Good going on getting right back to your calorie goals.

And just remember...when you get down and wonder why you're doing this, remember that there's some random vegan guy in Florida pulling for you.

Wow, we are kind of the same person currently. In addition to having some not-so-good food issues lately, I've been pretty down and blah in general. I hope to snap out of it soon. So, I totally relate.

You think so, about Santino? When I saw all 3 final collections, I think I was pulling for Chloe. My hatred of Santino was too strong and had built up throughout the season. Some of his pieces were spectacular though.

Did you watch Top Chef?

rusty - Aww, thanks. :) Knowing that some random vegan guy in Florida is pulling for me kind of makes my day.

ms. mercedes - You know, I didn't expect to be pulling for Santino. I've like Daniel V pretty much all along, but I really didn't like most of his collection. And Chloe's was good, but with the poofiness and the weird little jacket things... eh. Santino's stuff was just gorgeous, and I really would've liked to see him win. Although I hear you on the hate. I hated him too. It started to melt when he began doing his Tim Gunn impersonations, I think.

I didn't watch Top Chef - is it good?

BAH!! :'( Your blog is one of the ONLY blogs I can safely read without fear of Project Runway spoilers! Damn Canada for not airing a simulcast. We are 6 episodes behind :(:(:(:(

YES, Santino's Tim impersonations were hilarious. I had totally been a Daniel V. fan but didn't like his collection at all. So, in the end I think Chloe was a predictable win--and I hear you on the matchy-ness of the shrugs, etc. Kind of an 80s throwback it seemed, no? Man I could ramble about PR forever. They're going to do a third season, did you see?

Top Chef was just ok--they have one chick who is a "natural nutritionist" but her dish TOTALLY played into the bad reputation of "healthy foods" as being boring and bland--an umimaginative plate of steamed kale, other veggies and some grain prepared really boring, I think. Anyhow, I'm just obsessed with anything food-related, so I had to watch.

oops..did I just spoil it for kat?

welcome back!
I wish I had bravo so I could see Top Chef..as well as wishing I had the food network anyway, but I somehow survive.

I'm still sick of the french fries my boyfriend and I had at the Detroit airport in October. (He's thrilled when we travel because he gets to eat fast food haha)

Kat - Oh man, I'm sorry we spoiled it for you! But the episodes are still very entertaining even when you know what's going to happen, I think.

ms. mercedes - The 80's thing is dead on. All I could think about were those horrible power suits that women wore. With the shoulder pads and everything. Ugh. Shoulder pads. Why would a person do that to themselves? I'm so glad they're keeping PR going - it's pretty much reality TV at its best.

Re: Top Chef - I hate it when veg*n/natural foods people are on any kind of reality TV shows. They never deviate from the stereotypes. Like when the vegan mom was on Trading Spouses or whatever it was. They never have nice, normal vegans - just the crazy militant ones or the ones who eat nothing but raw kale and twigs.

jess - I used to watch so much Food TV, but now it just kind of pisses me off because it's basically Meat TV. You're hard pressed to find a vegetable anywhere, and if you do it's been sauteed in pork fat. And I can't really stand most of the hosts. Emeril. Rachael Ray. Giada Whatsherface. Paula Dean and her endless love of bacon grease and ham hocks. Ew. But Bravo is pretty awesome, yes. Project Runway, Top Chef, Queer Eye, and L&O: CI reruns. Good times.

Unfortunately I don't think it's possible for me to get sick of french fries. Sick to my stomach, yes. But my tastebuds yearn for them at all times.

sweet potato fries! we have this place here in Burlington that has THE BEST sweet potato fries and serves them with this spicy dijon sauce and they are SO GOOD. But, I am a huge fan of my own oven-baked sp fries...mmm...

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