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Sunday Menu 2/26 - Aloo Matar

Cinnamon Life with soymilk. I'm pretty zombie-like in the morning, but today was especially bad. I only had time for cereal before work.

1 oz. of almonds.
A clementine.

Baked falafel with lettuce and tahini sauce wrapped up in a piece of naan with baby carrots on the side. So basically a duplicate of last night's dinner, except with 4 falafels instead of 6 and the naan was onion flavored this time. Yum.

6 dried dates.

Aloo Matar. Delicious as ever.

The other half of that toasted almond tropical source bar from yesterday. You know, back in the day (which was a Wednesday) this stuff would've tasted so bitter. But my tastes have definitely changed, because now it's mild and creamy and nearly milk chocolate-esque. I may need to pick up another one of these this week. I've been wanting to try the one with crisped rice.

Okay, this is too good. I shouldn't have looked at it before breakfast, though.
Thanks for the reply on my previous comment.

Tropical Source Mint Chocolate is my old favorite vegan chocolate bar.

The Indian dish looks great, I've yet to try that one.

Awesome, indeed!

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