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Wednesday Menu 3/1 - Black Beans & Rice

Cinnamon Life with soymilk.

A clementine.
3 dried dates.
1/2 oz of almonds.

Baked falafel, lettuce, and tahini in a wheat pita, with carrot sticks on the side. At this point you're probably asking yourself, "How much damn falafel can this girl eat?!?" A whole hell of a lot, that's how much. Usually I'm not keen on eating the same thing every day for a week, but falafel is an exception. Falafel is manna from heaven. It can do no wrong. It could very possibly facilitate world peace. I only have enough left for one sandwich, though. I might cry when I finish it.

A PBJ muffins. Because I'm a glutton for punishment and will eat things I don't like just so they don't go to waste. Plus I was having a wicked carb craving and there's not much else in the house that's carbtastic and doesn't require preparation. So. But it was still pretty gross. Time did these no favors.

Black beans and rice, sweet potato fries, and half an ear of corn. The beans and rice was Zatarain's brand, which I love. I wish I could make beans and rice like that - thick and saucy and mmmmm. Anyone have a recipe? Maybe if I made it from scratch it wouldn't have that weird ham smell.

2 Tbsp of chocolate chips.

This is the first picture I've posted from the new computer, and I'm having some color issues. Does it look okay to you guys? Too dark, too light? Because I can't really tell. I need to go Google this phenomenon.

Pic looks good to me. Zatarains is good stuff; a meal in a box that isn't creepy.

Photo looks great to me too. I think it depends on each individual's monitor too.

I was asking myself that about the falafel, like, how much can you eat, but I was asking in such a way that I am sad you live in PA because I'm in AZ and I am willing to be your falafel-everyday-partner. SOunds good to me everyday!

sarachan - Thanks! You're right, meals in boxes are often very creepy. Especially the ones with meat included. Meat in a box that just sits on your shelf? Yum. And by yum I mean ew.

eatpeaceplease - Ha, I wish I had a partner in falafel crime! My boyfriend likes it, but I don't think he's got the Passion. There are just some things that I could eat forever and ever, and falafel is definitely one of them. :)

The picture looks great. And the fries- wow.

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