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Saturday Menu 2/25 - Baked Falafel

Parsley potatoes and tempeh bacon.

The last coconut cupcake. Yum.
1 oz. of almonds.
3 dried dates.
A clementine.

Baked falafel, lettuce, and a little tahini sauce wrapped in a piece of naan, with some baby carrots on the side. Man, I love falafel. Of course it's better fried (what isn't?), but even baked it's delicious. This is the first time I've had it with tahini sauce - I used the recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance. The whole thing was just seriously yummy. My standard falafel recipe is based on this recipe from VegWeb.

1/2 of a toasted almond Tropical Source bar. I didn't actually need all this, but I just really enjoy shoveling chocolate into my face.

So you used the falafel recipe from VwaV, and just baked it instead? I so wanna try this...love your blog, by the way! ;)

Actually I used a recipe from VegWeb for the falafel. It's here. Of the recipes I've tried, this one is my favorite. I do want to try the VwaV recipe, but tonight I just went with what I knew. :)

I had baked falafel for lunch today, but I just made it from a mix because I'm lazy like that. I need to get a tahini recipe, I love the stuff but I've never tried to make it at home. Do you know of any vegan alternatives for tzatziki sauce?

I actually had to look up tzatziki sauce - how lame am I? But it's a yogurt-based sauce, right? Soy yogurt would be the most direct substitution, although you could probably play around with using silken tofu and/or some Sour Supreme if you were feeling adventurous. But I've never had it, so I could be way off base.

I can't believe you love falafel and have only had it with tahini once!! I have never heard of another way to eat it!

The way I make tahini (and a lot of local restaurants by me) is:

sesame seed paste or grind your own
lemon juice
optional garlic.

It's super-simple.

By the way, this all looks and sounds awesome.

I know, I've been missing out for so long! The problem is that here in Amish Country there's really nowhere to get falafel. Also, I'm not super crazy about sesame seeds so I kind of avoided it based on that. Which turns out to have been a huge mistake, because it enhanced my falafel-eating experience by at least 75%. :)

Can I ask you how you baked it (time, temp)? We don't fry anything in the house:)
Nice blog, btw.

I baked the falafel at 400 degrees for 15 minutes, then flipped them for another 10 or so. I've seen a method where you brown them in a pan and then bake them as well, which I guess would give them a little bit more of the tradition fried crispiness. They're good baked, though. No complaints here. :)

The VwaV tahini dressing is the bomb, most definitely. I had it on the garlicky kale when I made it.

Falafel...I had the best falafel of my life in Montreal this past autumn. I need to make some. Your photos, always the inspiration.

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