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Monday Menu 2/27 - Failed PBJ Muffins

Cinnamon Life with soymilk. Again. I hate mornings.

Baked Falafel with lettuce and tahini sauce in a wheat pita, baby carrots, and 3 dried dates with an almond stuffed inside. It's true: falafel is source of all happiness. It's just as good cold, too.

A clementine.
1/2 oz. of almonds.
A Peanut butter and jelly oatmeal muffin. I modified this recipe from VegWeb to include a little dollop of jam in the center. I had dreams of moist peanut buttery muffins with a sweet hit of strawberry jam hidden inside - yum. Too bad it didn't work out that way. They're not moist. Or particularly peanut buttery, for that matter. And the jam oozed everywhere. And they're really ugly, which is never fun. I mean, I didn't even bother taking a picture. That's how bad they are.

I declare this experiment a failure, but since I only stuck some jam in the middle I have to blame the recipe. I definitely won't make these again, although I'd love to find a good recipe for something similar.

A black bean burger and fresh fruit at the Dispensing Co.

Another PBJ muffin. I wanted to like them. I thought maybe cooling had done them some good. No. No, it hadn't. I actually think they got worse. They're just so dry. It's like the Sahara in my mouth.
Baby carrots.

eek-I hate when recipes don't pan out. Especially when you waste expensive ingredients, i.e. maple syrup, agave, etc. My most recent failed attempt was garbanzo bean brownies. They were TERRIBLE. Worse than terrible. And I wasted a can of chickpeas, 1/2 cup of agave and a bag of chocolate chips. Blasphemy. I can't recall why I ever thought that was a good idea.

Anyhow, I feel your pain. Were you inspired by vegan lunchbox pbj muffins? Those looked yum.

It was in fact the Vegan Lunchbox muffins that made me try these out. I wasted 1/3 cup of maple syrup, and the kicker is that about an hour after I made these I found a recipe in my files that looked exactly like what I wanted. GRRR! Failed recipes suck.

Chickpea brownies? I've heard of using beans in brownies, but it just sounds so gross. And now I know that it really is. :) I'd be upset about that agave nectar, though. I've never even bought the stuff because it's $6 for an 8oz container here.

I had that recipe bookmarked too, I'm sorry about your experience, because it did sound really good. Maybe a tofutti cream cheese/jam filling might be more moist in another muffin?

Yeah, I think the problem was in the batter. It was very thick - nearly a dough. No amount of jam was going to fix that. I'll try again with a different recipe, though, because how good do PBJ muffins sound?

I'm sorry they didn't turn out well for you - the idea sounds wonderful, I love PB&J in many different forms (cake, cookies, 'ice cream', straight off the spoon) except on sandwiches - go figure.

Looking at the recipe, I find the ingredient 'peanut margarine' a little odd - I thought they must have meant 1/3 cup each of peanut butter and margarine, but looking at the directions confirms otherwise. Either way, it does sound like it's in need of a little more moisture (more soymilk, or perhaps some oil?)

BTW - love your blog! I share your dangerous habit of snacking on chocolate chips whenever they're in the house (only 3 more days until I make a pecan pie with them - thank goodness!)

The "peanut margarine" thing is a dumb vegan joke, I think. Because butter isn't vegan... ha ha ha ha. Except no. It definitely needed more moisture - it could probably be saved, but I think I'll probably move on to another recipe entirely. I don't want to waste anymore maple syrup.

Thanks for stopping by! It's good to know that I'm not the only one who falls under the deadly thrall of The Chips.

*Rolls eyes at 'peanut margarine' joke*

So does that mean that caterpillars turn into... margarineflies?

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