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life interferes with blogging, and ABC cookies suck

So you may have noticed that the candy review hasn't been posted this week. It's terrible, I know. I'm such a bad blogger. But I have 3 weeks left in the semester and the proverbial shit is beginning to hit the fan, if you know what I'm saying. Things are getting hectic, with deadlines and projects and tests and trying to line up internships and whatnot. Plus I don't have any fun candy at the moment, which I can assure you is more disappointing for me than it is for you.

As soon as I get a chance I'm going to get a few different things and I'll post several reviews at once to make up for my blog neglect. So if you have any suggestions, give 'em to me now!

One thing I can say is that Alternative Baking Co.'s peanut butter chocolate chip cookies are not good. At all. I went in wanting Liz Lovely's mochadamia cookies, which are delicious pieces of heaven wrapped in cellophane, but when they weren't there I settled for an ABC cookie. It pretty much tasted like peanut butter-ish playdough with the occasional chocolate chip. I still finished it, because let's face it, I'll pretty much eat anything where the primary ingredients are sugar, fat, and flour. I'm basically a sweets-whore. And I'd been craving a cookie all day. But it was bad. Really bad. In fact, the only ABC cookie I've ever liked is the pumpkin spice one. I'd be willing to give the lemon poppyseed a shot, but otherwise I think I'll hold out for the Liz Lovelys in the future.

Oh man, I just love ABC's Lemon Poppy Seed Cookie. I never quite knew what to call the texture of the peanut butter ones, but you've definitely called it - playdough. (I like the plain PB, but not the one with chocolate chips.)

Yeah, the Lemon Poppyseed cookies are among their best, and I like the Espresso Chocolate Chip, too. Never had the one you're complaining about, and it looks like I never will!

I'm not a fan of the ABC cookies. I like Boston Cookies much better. They are always moist.

BTW, I love all the candy reviews. I gave up chocolate for Lent and I feel like I'm eating chocolately goodness vicariously through you or something.

Id like to find a vegan version of M&M's I was hopeing that the sun drops by sunspire would be vegan but they arent. :(

As for cookies most vegan pre packaged cookies ive come across are extremely dense I use to sell sunflour vegan cookies which are good but really dense and also ABC cookies I dont think their all that horrible but nothing compared to fresh baked ones.

btw im loving the blog im glad to see theirs other vegans with a passion for cooking out there.

Brigitte, Pangea (www.veganstore.com) has a candy called Whizzers which is pretty close to M&Ms taste and texture wise, but is a lot more expensive, sadly.

I was so happy to see that our co-op finally started carrying Liz Lovely cookies- until I saw the price- $4!! for 1 cookie! Sadly, I haven't tried one yet. =(

I'm totally with you on the ABC cookies - very substandard in my opinion. Officially not worth eating. Around here we have a nice local company making big vegan cookies called "Kerri's Kreations" and they are very good. Although, I realize that doesn't help your situation at all! :) Good luck with school

Good luck with all your tests and projects!

I completely agree with your review. Liz Lovely = great. ABC = not worth your money.

Liz lovely's are my new loves.

You should try Chomp! cookies. I must state upfront that I'm a friend of the owners, but even Dreena Burton loves them http://vivelevegan.blogspot.com/2007/02/chomp.html

They don't currently make Peanut butter or chocolate peanut butter for wide distribution, but they do have an almond butter cookie.

I've never seen Liz Lovely. Is it a regional brand?

Hey, thanks for the kudos, everyone! FYI, Liz Lovely cookies are actually $4.00 for 2 cookies, not just 1. And we just started making them with our new Certified Organic and Fair Trade Certified status, same price! You should see it on the shelf soon.

Anyway, thanks again for the mention. Liz and I really appreciate it!

VP & Co-Founder



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