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Candy Review Monday: More Ritter Sports!

Ritter Sport Peppermint

I've heard so much about these, but I could never find them anywhere. So after last week's review, when Lindsay from vegan chai offered to send me one, I jumped at the chance to try it. And now I can say with complete convinction that this is the most fantastic chocolate mint bar I've ever had and that it's a damn shame it's not widely available in the US.

Inside those little squares of chocolate is a smooth, fresh, delicious minty paste of some kind that I would like to eat entire bowls of. It's a generous amount, too; when I broke the bar apart and only saw those little stripes of white, I was a little disappointed. But then I bit into one and found a big well of the stuff, so I was happy again. Honestly, it's just like a peppermint patty - only so much better. Whoever is responsible for importing Ritter Sport products needs to remedy this situation, stat.

This one gets a 10/10 from me. I may cry when I finish this bar, just for lack of being able to get another one. Plus the german name is really fun to say. Pfefferminz!

Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate

This is a really mild dark chocolate. It almost tastes like milk chocolate to me, actually. It's very smooth and sweet, but still has more depth of flavor than the milk chocolate that I remember. I don't have much else to say about this bar; it's simple and very good. It would be a good "starter" dark chocolate for people who aren't crazy about the really dark stuff, because it's not bitter at all.

This one gets a 10/10 as well, because even though it's not breaking any new ground in terms of flavor or novelty factor, it's a really good, highly munchable chocolate bar that I will definitely get again.

I am officially a big fan of Ritter Sports. They rock. They're cute and delicious, and the square shape and little chunky nuggets of chocolate make me feel like I'm playing with edible blocks. Go Ritter Sport!

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woah. love this. i've yet to try it.. but i can assure you i'll be looking now!

I found a big display of these at a market I stopped at over the weekend and can confirm that the Dark Hazelnut bar (for some bizarre reason) has butter oil in it, so isn't vegan. There's also a dark truffle bar that isn't vegan.

It's too bad the hazelnut isn't, that's a darn good bar too.

I've never had the Mint (and haven't seen it before), I'll keep an eye out for it ... even risking the deep depression that follows when you finish it.

Oh my gosh.

linda - look for it! It's so good.

cybele - I'm so sad about the hazelnut bar. I adore hazelnuts. It seems so odd that they'd just stick butter oil in there when the regular dark bar doesn't have it. If you find the mint, definitely do try it.

jess - I know!

yaaaaay!!! :cartwheel: i'm so glad that you love it! whee!! oh my god, i feel like a dealer. hee!

and yum, i really like their plain chocolate bar as well. delish.

all you hazelnut fans... the other thing i regret to bring up is that for whatever stupid reason, they use shellac (as in beetle guts or whatever) on the nuts themselves. jerks.

but that's okay, because we have peppermint! what what!

You are a dealer! You give me the first taste, and then leave me to fend for myself here in the wilds of amish country. You'd think with all the PA dutch heritage and culture around here, I'd be able to find someone who sells these. Here's hoping.

Shellac? Why? Ugh. So it's doubly unvegan. Alas. But you're totally right, it's okay, because the pfefferminz bar is possibly the best thing ever invented.

I have been watching quietly for a while, comment free but must say that I am tres jealous of the peppermint candy. Chocolate and mint is quite possibly my absolute favorite combination. I always loved york peppermint patties, haven't had any in forever because i think they are not vegan.

Dude, it's so good. Peppermint patties are not vegan, unfortunately. I think these are better anyway. If I get ahold of some more, I'll save you one.

Oh... I love Ritter Sports, but I'm never heard of these mint ones. Gonna have to check them out. thanks

The Ritter Sport Peppermint is even better than Peppermint Patty. I love it, love it, love it. You can order it from Pangea (www.veganstore.com). The only thing I don't like about it is the packaging. I don't eat it all at once (I do watch fat and calories) and the packet will fall apart once opened.

megan - if you get ahold of one, you will be in pepperminty heaven. So good.

danielle - I've been eating mine over the course of a week or so. I just put it in a ziploc bag and it's been fine.

Oh cool!!!
I am going to set about looking for a peppermint ritter sport!! I really miss the whole peppermint pattie range of candies. In my pre-vegan days, peppermint patties and Junior Mints and the like were some of my very favorite candy treats. Thanks for the tip!

ps. I love candy monday

I love candy Monday too! :) I'm glad other people do too. I think the peppermint ritter sport is better than the peppermint patty, so if you find one you'll definitely love it.

If you like marzipan, the Ritter Sport Marzipan is so incredible. I was obsessed with them last summer! In Germany, Ritter Sport are around $0.80 cents.... so cheap! So good!

I reviewed the marzipan one last week! It is really good. I wish they were 80 cents here!

Wow. I had no idea any of the Ritter chocolates were vegan. This is so exciting. Now if only Cadbury's Eggs could miraculously become vegan. I'd never had one of those things before I lived for four months in the UK (only vegetarian at the time), and it was like an epiphany how good they are.

You are killing me with these candy review Mondays. I love them! I think I may have to venture into the world of internet chocolate buying to try these peppermint ritter sports. (On a similar note, have you tried the chocolate mint cupcakes in VCTOTW? They're a mint-chocolate lover's DREAM.)

sarchan - I would love it if cadbury eggs were vegan. They used to be one of my favorite things to have around easter. So evil and sugary, but delicious. I think I saw someone trying to make a vegan version (at home) once, but I can't imagine how that would work.

veg*triathlete - I haven't! Not yet, anyway. They've been on the top of my list since I got the book, but unfortunately the people around me don't seem to like the chocolate/mint combo as much as I do.

Ritter bars are SO good. We had some at work a few months ago and i tried a few bites. Addictive!! Lovin' yer candy reviews. Thanks for sharing your sweet tooth with us, vc!

I happen to live in the middle of nowhere, which means vegan candy is so hard to find. Dark chocolate bars are about it, my co-op stopped carrying chocolate covered espresso beans and blueberries a while ago :(

I am soon moving to the middle of somewhere, so hopefully I will be able to pick up a pack :)

I am a self confessed choco-holic. I probably shouldn't even try this. :)

Yes, I'm shamelessl commenting on the candy! I really want to try the peppermint Ritter Sport. If I can't find it here, I at least want to remember in case I or someone I know goes to Europe any time soon- thanks for the reviews!

For once I read a comment about a product that, unlike all the other good stuff, is actually not new to me. I've been indulging in Ritter Sport bars for many years now. They are widley available in a multitude of flavours. Not all of them are vegan - a lot are based in milk chocolate. I like the chocolate covered cookie one & the almond one, but they are not vegan. I adore the dark chocolate one! Mmmm! I thought I was the only one that swooned at these squares. Obviously, I'm in good company!

wow, they look good! for now i must look them because they are not here :(

thanks for the review! :)

My parents spent their last week in Czech Republic. They were, like, "what do you want us to bring you back?". And I was, "I dunno.. Something vegan. You know, sausages, pates and alike." (Yay for living in an a bit underdeveloped country - at least in the sense of vegan options.)
And then as I was walking home one day, a merciful thought hit my mind: "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, it's Czech Republic, it's next to Germany, meaning, they HAVE to have peppermint and marzipan Ritter Sport".

And so now I have two of each hidden in my secret chocolate shelter. Can't wait to try it - but I'm kind of waiting for a Special Occasion (or an empty stomach - you know how things taste even better then).

Thank you thank you thank you for bringing this out. I used to love and enjoy Ritter Sport back in the days when I ate dairy. And now it seems that they've got vegan options. That's wonderful.

This is the first time i have seen someone obsessing with something you can get everywhere here - usually i feel jealous when people live in the states or in the uk.
but i actually live in a country, where ritter sport chocolate is EVERYWHERE - i don't think i've ever been to a store that didn't carry them. and they're cheap too.. anyone in for a care package-swap?:)

I saw these these for the first time when I was looking for white chocolate to make ice cream. They are sold at ordinary groceries in CA (Want some?). Would these be good in baking? I am always looking for new, high quality chocolate.

The marizipan kind is sooo good. I think I ate the whole thing by myself in one sitting. I was in NYC for a class trip and I had only been eating iceburg and stale bready items. Next time I'm going to NYC for the food not to stare misrabally at things I've seen a thousand times in pictures (i.e. Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Empire State Building, ect..)

This comment has been removed by the author.

The mint Ritter is my favourite chocolate bar in the whole world!!

Ritter mint is the best thing ever. Well, it would be if it was fairtrade cocoa..
Anyway, I could send you a couple, if you'd like, I'm in Ottawa, Canada and I know a few places to get them. Spead the vegan chocolate love, I say. my e-mail is lazyjellyfish@gmail.com..
Oh, I see that someone else offered a swap, that would be cool!

i'm a big peppermint ritter sport fan
until now i've felt like it was my little exciting vegan secret

cheers!! glad you're spreading the word

I love the pepperminty soooo much.

But you should really try the marzipan one.
It' vegan too. And it is great!!!

Best Wishes from Germany!


So I'm thinking of becoming Vegan... I would have before but I lovee chocolate.. All kinds pretty much. specially reese's =\ I was wondering if anyone could like gimme a list or something of chocolate thats vegan friendly... that I can find easily in stores in canada? Help would be appreciated... I'm never on my blog so.. email if someone has a list? in.the.photobooth_xx@hotmail.com thanks a million. Just label the email Vegan Chocolate :) thanks again



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OMG i love ritter sport peppermint i have to stop myself buying too many of them daily! also i didnt know they are vegan i am not but im close to it because of a tummy condition and i did wonder why these beautiful bars of heaven didnt affect me at all. do you possibly know how many WW points these carry?


this chocolate is good but I just prefer the marzipan I can describe all the feeling that I have when I eat it.

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