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Recent Joanna Tester Recipes

Lemon "Butter" Rice and Roasted Roots. The rice is really nice and flavorful and goes perfectly with a lot of things. The roasted veggies were a nice change from my standard method and re-heated well too.

Chana Masala! Oh, how I love pretty much any incarnation of this dish. Joanna's recipe is super easy and really tasty.

Sesame Green Beans with leftover Roasted Roots and - yes! - hoisin-glazed baked tofu. I ate tofu! For real. And I didn't hate it. We're making progress. Those sesame green beans are SO good, and I don't usually care for sesame-flavored things.

I forgot you don’t generally like tofu. I love the stuff and am always looking for new way to prepare it. Can you share the recipe, or are tester recipes secret? I still make that orangette recipe for chana masala a lot, I’m having some leftovers for lunch today in fact.

Whoa! Looks delicious. Where did you get these recipes?

shanangians - there is no real recipe for the tofu. I just kind of made it up. I baked tofu triangles at 350 for 20 minutes on each side, and brushed on a watered-down hoisin sauce every once in a while. The rest of the recipes are Joanna's and are secret until her cookbook comes out. :)

anon - Thanks! I can't share the recipes, though - I am testing them for an upcoming cookbook.

your photos are great! i wish i could like tofu..the only way i like it is silken in masaman curry. Seriously...that is the ONLY way I'll eat it...thank goodness for tempeh.

Thank you! I'm not usually a big fan of tofu, but I'm trying to like it. I will always and forever prefer tempeh, though.

Man I need to make these green beans again. So good.

Everything looks great.. I am excited about her cookbook.. all the testing recipes look so good!

Reallllyyy nice!



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