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I started in on Operation: Stop Being Such A Fatty (Oh, And Eat Healthier Too) two weeks ago yesterday. Thus far I've lost 4 pounds. I'm trying not to get obsessive about weighing myself, or about anything really - I've been down that sort of road before, and eventually it just gets to be too much work and I eat half a cake to relieve the pressure. Because cakes are wonderful stress-busters, didn't you know? I also have to keep in mind that this isn't just about losing weight. It's about eating healthfully and feeding my body what it needs rather than just what I want.

A neat way to look at weight stuff is in sticks of butter. Four sticks equals a pound, so I am now 16 sticks of butter lighter. And whereas 4 pounds doesn't seem like that much, 16 sticks is a damn lot of butter.

Anyway, I just thought I'd post a little progress report.

I like the sticks of butter analogy. I haven't lost a single pound in a month! I was averaging 5 lbs a month for the first three months of my own Operation: Stop Being Such A Fatty and then nothing. It sucks. I guess I need to tighten the belt a little more now that the holidays and my birthday is over, I really have no excuse (except that cake is really good). Good job on all the progress you've made! Kiss those 16 sticks of butter good bye.

Thanks! I forget who originally mentioned the sticks of butter thing to me, but I like it as well - it makes every pound seem more significant somehow. Since I'm not really counting anything (calories, points, etc), just trying to eat well, I'm very happy with the loss I've seen so far. Of course it would be nice to lose a lot of weight really fast, but I know that slow and steady is better - and if I can get there without "dieting" it'll be even better.

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