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Wednesday Menu 1/25

A Fuji apple and two Banana Oat Bundles.

A slice of multigrain bread with some natural peanut butter.
3/4 c. Cinnamon Life. Yum.
A clementine.
Another Banana Oat Bundle. Yes, another. This is why I haven't made cookies yet; I'm still weak in the face of baked goods. At least if I eat three of these it's not all sugar and fat.

Molasses Baked Beans from Vive le Vegan! and The PPK's Vegan Cornbread.

Another piece of cornbread with a tiny smear of Earth Balance.

Okay, I'm going to be straight with you here: the beans got off to a rocky start. First I had the girliest of kitchen problems, which is just... so annoying. I couldn't get the blackstrap molasses open. It was like the Incredible Hulk capped that shit. Completely ridiculous. And then after I did finally get it open, I took a whiff. Wow. Blackstrap molasses is not the best smell ever. But they smelled better after a while in the oven, and in the end they weren't bad. I wasn't crazy about them, though. I don't know why. I think I'm used to sweeter baked beans.

The cornbread was pretty good. I made a few changes: I used 1/2 whole wheat flour, and brought the oil down to 1/4 c. When Isa says this isn't a sweet cornbread, she isn't kidding. My usual recipe is much, much sweeter. This was good, but I have to say I like the sweet stuff better. That's kind of a trend with me. I love fruit way more than vegetables, for example, and my favorite vegetables are the more mild ones. It's funny, because I've been eating almost no sugary stuff for a while now and not really missing it, but tonight it seemed like everything just needed to be sweeter. I can abstain from sweets, but eating less-sweet versions of "regular" food is really difficult for me.

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