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Saturday Menu 1/21

Captain Crunch with soymilk. I was just craving some Captain, so there you go. I tried to measure out what the box calls one serving (3/4 c)... but let me just say right now that 3/4 c of cereal is pretty much no cereal at all. Unless it's Grape Nuts of something small and compact. I rounded up to a cupish serving and called it a morning. It was alright. Not as delicious as I was expecting. Verdict: From now on I'll be ignoring The Captain.

Fuji apple with 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter, a few baby carrots, and a clementine. I had to head to work (ugh), so I wanted to have a snack since I won't be eating again until whenever I get my break.

Leftover Red Lentil Dhal, baby carrots, and a piece of naan bread.

Banana "Ice Cream": a frozen banana whizzed in the food processor with about a tablespoon of light coconut milk. So good. I wish this stuff froze well so I could keep it on hand, but I hear it doesn't. Bummer.
16 Cinnamon Graham Sticks.

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