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Thursday Menu 3/9 and Providence Photos

Raisin Bran with soymilk. (250)

5 strawberries. (20)
Baby carrots. (35)
2 fudge-mint cookies. (170)
Pretzels. (170)
1/2 oz of almonds. (80)
Honest Tea, white tea + pear flavor. (70)

Leftover spicy peanut noodles. (350)

1/2 oz of almonds. (80)
2 Tbsp of chocolate chips. (140)
1 oz of pumpernickel bread. (70)
1 Tbsp of chunky peanut butter. (100)

Total calories: 1,535

And so begins the obsessive calorie-logging. Hopefully I'll only be doing this for a week or so, until I feel like things are back under control. I'm not going to lie, though - I totally keep a count even when I don't post it here. I'm a little neurotic that way. No pictures today, since I basically grazed until dinner. I had a little victory when I faced off with the vending machine at school; for a minute I was considering Fritos instead of pretzels. There are about 4 vegan options in our vending machine - pretzels, Fritos, Lorna Doone shortbread cookies, and peanuts. Sometimes there's Twizzlers, or Swedish Fish. Actually it's not such a bad vending machine, now that I'm thinking about it. But nothing is particularly healthy. My dream vending machine would have, say, some Baked Lays (not the BBQ kind, because ew, chicken fat), Luna bars, bags of baby carrots, unsalted nuts, dried fruit, etc. Things that resemble food, not just Snickers and Pop-Tarts.

Anyway, since I don't have any food photos to share today I thought I'd post two that I took last weekend. While we were in CT we took a day trip to Providence, RI. We ate at a restaurant called Kabob and Curry, which was yumtastic. The first picture is inside the restaurant; the second is from when we were walking around on Thayer St. I actually only took about 10 pictures while we were in CT/RI, and most were of more for my own future reference than anything else. Interesting architectural features and things. But I like these two well enough. Especially the second one. I might actually get that printed. (Hint: click to make 'em bigger!)

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