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Wednesday Menu 2/22 - Coconut Heaven Cupcakes

A wheat roll with a little Earth Balance.

A clementine.
A Cookies 'n Cream Delight Luna bar. Yum.

Leftover Potato-Green Pea samosa filling with a little tamarind-date sauce. This stuff is seriously amazing.

6 little squares of Green & Black's Maya Gold chocolate. Drool.
Baby carrots.

Baked beans and the last piece of wheat bread spread with a little Earth Balance.

2 fudge-mint cookies.
A Coconut Heaven Cupcake from Vegan with a Vengeance. SO GOOD. I'll post the recipe tomorrow.

swoon. I have no choice but to make the mnow.

hmm now*

They're pretty damn tasty, I'm not going to lie. I used lite coconut milk because the full-fat stuff terrifies me, but I bet they'd be even more delicious (and evil) the real deal.

oo I have lite coconut milk too, good to know.

oo I have lite coconut milk too, good to know.

Green & Black's is amazing. That cupcake also looks amazing ::eyes copy of VwaV::

Green & Black's IS amazing. It's such good chocolate. Before I went vegan I thought Hershey's was damn fine chocolate; oh, how wrong I was. The cupcakes are also delicious. VwaV is such a rock solid book.

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