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Chocolate Chip Blondies

And these I made the other night when I was super stressed and wanted to bake something. It's the PPK blondie recipe with cashews and a chocolate ganache drizzled on top. These were SO good. I sent most of them to work with Adam and everyone raved about them. They tasted very much like brownies to me, I think because I had to use mini-chocolate chips for a portion of them (I ran out of the regular ones. For shame!) and they melted into the batter. I'm glad I added the toppings, too, because it added some textural interest. In any case, these are definitely a keeper.

The only changes I made were to sub applesauce for half of the soy yogurt (I didn't have enough) and reduce the oil to 1/4 cup.

I have actually been eating non-dessert food, but it's been boring stuff that I don't feel the need to post about. Such is life during the school year.

Your pics look so great, and I love this plate! I need to find some more interesting plates and bowls for my stuff, but I haven't seen any neat stuff at goodwill yet, and I'm too cheap to hit pier 1 or even target. Oh well, in time.


OMG, I have to make these! That is, after I lose the 6 to 7 more pound I told myself I would before my sister's wedding. Baking is totally therapeutic, so is eating baked goods :)

brandie - Thank you! I coveted these for a long time before I finally found them on clearance. :) I love fun dishes.

shananigans - Ah, losing pounds... I dimly recall that notion. I've been totally off the wagon lately; I really need to get back on. Thankfully I can always send baked goods to work with Adam or give them to friends, so I can bake (relatively) safely, if I'm careful. Unfortunately I'm usually not very careful.

How Dare You! Brownies are my ultimate weakness. Superman has Kryptonite I have brownies. I will do almost anything for a good brownie.

Jump. how high?

And I have yet to have a good vegan brownie. Sure Go Ahead. Send them to work with the boy. Don't send any to york for the brownie depraved vegan.

Those look SO GOOD. I'm going to have to make some.

You are killing me!

They look ultimatly mouth watering. We'll have to try tha recipe next! As I'm sure my sister probably will.

You are truly the dessert queen! Every one you make looks beautiful and your photos are very professional looking.

jessiegirl - Well I would have shared them if I was going to see you. I'll make a batch when we go to the fair.

cyn - Definitely make them! They're awesome.

eatpeaceplease - I'm sorry! But what a way to go, huh? :)

attikusvicious - Thanks. :) I'm sure she will, given her weakness for all things brownie-like.

nsvv - Thank you! I think desserts are the easiest things to make pretty.

Yum this looks SO good. I've discovered your blog just few days ago and i'm already in love.
I *heart* the layout, content en photography.

looks amazing, i want one too!
i need to come here anonymous, dont know why!

fanny - Aw, thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it. :)

johanna3 - Thanks! I think your anonymous issue is probably a beta thing. If you switch over then you can't comment on non-beta-switched blogs, except anonymously.

No words for these blondies except droooooooooooool...

I am curious, what kind of camera do you use?

VC, these are "to die for" but in the best way (VEGAN)... LOVE 'EM!!!

Love the way the polka dots in the photo replicate the chip-dots in the brownies, which look fab, BTW

kate - The blondies were indeed drool-worthy. :) And my camera is a Nikon D70. It's pretty much my child.

kleo - Thank you!

urban vegan's evil twin - Thanks! I love the polka dot plates. They're definitely my favorite. I wish I had more of them.

Just in case you didn't know, sugar is not vegan. It is filtered with bone char.
Honey is not vegan either, but that's a different issue.

Here's some info for you to read:



That's not entirely true. Some sugar is processed with bone char; some is not. I'm aware of this. I avoid bone-char processed sugar when I can, but to me it's not the most important battle. The sugar thing is a personal choice. I don't believe that eating regular sugar makes on non-vegan anymore than driving a car or using a computer (both of which involve animal products or by-products) does.

It's about what makes the greatest impact. What reduces the most suffering. No one can ever be 100% vegan. I think it's a bit presumptuous of you to just drop in and say " Hey! You eat sugar? You're not vegan!"

And I don't eat honey. I've never posted anything involving honey. You might want to do some research of your own before pointing out all the ways in which I'm not vegan.

Overall you're being a bit of a presumptuous, veganer-than-thou snob. Sorry, but all that does is turn people off of veganism. I mean, I am vegan and the way you're coming across makes me hate vegans.

Wow, you certainly read an awful lot into my two sentences. All I said was, "Just in case you didn't know..." I never said any of the other things that you imagined, and read your own meaning into.
Since you are aware of the facts I raised, I dont understand why you are flipping out.

I don't believe I was flipping out. I'm sorry if it came across that way. I was just a bit taken aback as to why you'd drop in and leave a comment that assumes I'm clueless about veganism when clearly that is not the case. I apologize if I came across as bitchy or overreacting; that wasn't my intention.

But I'm pretty much done discussing it, so thank you for visiting my blog, and let's leave it at that.

I heart you vegancore. and i think you are a kick-ass vegan, and you inspire me. :)
but i DO have a bone to pick with you: i made these blondies tonight and was sorely dissappointed! they came out more like a cake or muffin consistency, not at all like the ooey, dense brownie/blondie texture i so love and crave. any idea what could have possibly gone arry? (arigh? how DO you spell that?)
i used whole what pastry flour instead of white flour, could that have been the problem?
p.s. i HAVE been making and enjoying the cookie recipe you sent me, though. they are awesome!

Oh no! Blondie disappointment. Honestly I have no idea. The ww flour shouldn't have made much difference. The crux of this problem might lie in the type of chocolate chips I used. I had to use half regular and half mini-chips, and I think the mini-chips just sort of melted away and made them gooey. It could also be an oven thing, but the chip issue sounds more likely.

P.S. It's awry. :) And yes, that cookie recipe is freakin' amazing. I need to make those again soon.

about the whole veagnism debate... i am a vegetarian and i totally agree with you about the fact that just because you eat sugar doesnt mean youre not a vegan... (i guess that came out right?) but anway.. likewise nobody can be a 100 percent vegetarian either. I consider wearing leather NOT vegetarian because it involes the death of an animal. But.. i am constantly impacting the death of animals everyday just by living and supporting various corporations, etc, in other ways. It is a sad part of life.

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