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Lemon Cornmeal Waffles

This morning I made a batch of Lemon Cornmeal Waffles from VwaV, sans blueberry sauce. Throw in some nectarine slices topped with a little agave nectar and vanilla soy yogurt and call it breakfast. These are probably my favorite waffles ever, because lemon = awesome.

Wow. What a beautiful photo! I've been dying to try those waffles too!

BTW, what kind of camera do you use? I can't for the life of me figure out how to take such a good photo!

Thanks! Definitely try these. They're awesome.

I use a Nikon D70. It's my baby. :)

Oh how I love those waffles too! I made plain waffles this morning but I need to make these again soon.

They're awesome! I love waffles in general, but don't make them too often because I hate cleaning to waffle maker. Someone really needs to update the design of those things.

my waffle maker only needs a wipedown with a rag. unless i over fill and the stuff squishes out the sides. then clean up involves a sponge too.

your picture makes me want to make waffles.

Yeah, I tend to over-fill. I was more careful today, though, so it's not too bad this time around.

There is a very simple solution to the problem of wanting waffles. Make waffles. Better yet, make me waffles.

Yep I have no waffle-maker and i'm seriously wanting one now.

hmm my bday is only 3 months way-ish.
Time to start droping hints to my parents haha


you blog looks so much better on internet explorer! these pancakes also look like they rock

teddy - Get a waffle maker! Mine was like $10. I don't use it that often, but when I want waffles it's nice to know that I can make them.

attikusvicious - I know, right? It's really annoying.

P.S. These pancakes rocked so hard they actually turned into waffles!

WOW, amazing picture! I used to make waffles all the time pre-vegan. I still have not gotten around to making some vegan ones. I have VWav and a cook waffle maker and everything, thanks for the push to make them.

Oh, I love waffles. When I have them I have to make sure there is maple syrup in every little square. Anal? Most definitely!

I read your post about the lemon gem cupcakes. I found they didn't rise either. I filled the cups almost to the top and got 12. When I iced them, they were right at the edge of the paper. But good?! I took them to a work function and I had so many people requesting the recipe. I'll be making them again too.

kate - Thanks! You should definitely make them. They're awesome. :)

carrie - I don't think you're too anal about it. The whole point of waffles is putting delicious things in the little squares.

The lemon gems, while not lofty like I'd hoped, were definitely some of the best cupcakes I've ever had. Everyone who had one agreed. They're definitely keepers.

Vegancore, your updated blog looks great! Impressive tech skills you got there, girl :-)

My mouth is watering something fierce... but in a good way, vc. I like the waffles and the way you prettied them up. So tasty with the toppin's, too!

I agree about lemons! You can't go wrong w/'em!

You take some fricking gorgeous pics--seriously.

edu-dame - Thanks!

kleo - You definitely can't go wrong with lemons! Or waffles, for that matter.

lindy loo - Thank you. :)

these look great! it looks like you're on a VwaV kick, i am too haha. i love that book. isa's spanakopita, curried mango tempeh sammiches, and chocolate chip cookies are my favorite recipes. but now i have to try these waffles.

Mmmm, can't remember the last time I had waffles. If I see any waffle irons for $10 I'll have to get one. I just bought a food processor, I'm kind of starting to feel like I have an addiciton to kitchen apliances.

tamara - The curried mango tempeh sandwiches are so good! I love those. VwaV is such a good book.

shananigans - There is no such thing as too many kitchen gadgets. :)


your photos = awesome!!

I love lemon in baked goods too - and lemon/lime juice in savory stuff also.

Oh, and you can come take photos for me anytime... :)

Thank you! That means quite a lot coming from you. :) I've got your coconut-lime cookies on my list of things to make soon... two of my favorite things in one cookie.

10 dollars?!!
I was thinking it was going to be MUCH more than that. Where did you get yours?


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