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Moroccan Red Lentil-Bean Stew and Shark Cookies

Moroccan Red Lentil-Bean Stew from Cooking at the Pacific Outpost. I was hoping this would be similar to the moroccan lentil soup that Panera Bread often has as a season soup in the fall; it wasn't, really. It was still good, though. I halved the fennel seed, because I'm not fond of the flavor - next time I'll leave them out entirely. I could still taste it, faintly, and it bothered me. Adam liked it quite a lot, though, and it was good with homemade bread.

And an outtake, in which Miss Scarlet attempts to lick the Earth Balance off my bread. She likes EB. And nutritional yeast (especially on Tings). She's pretty vegan-friendly, as far as cats go.

And some shark cookies that I made for a friend's random shark-themed party tonight. It's the soft cut-out cookie recipe that I posted about a while back, just in shark shapes. They were a big hit.

what's a "shark party"?
my friends dog just got better and is coming home from the hospital. I don't think we're allowed to have a party but I'm thinking of making some doggie treats for the little guy :)


A shark party is just a random shark-themed party. Lots of shark decor. A video from the 70's called "Of Shark and Men." Overall, a good time.

You should make treats! Toast to the little dude's health.

Kitty! So cute!!! go Miss Scarlet go. Hey, i love the shark cookies. They look FANTASTIC, vc! Great bowl, too. Very pretty, nice contrast to the tasty inside meal there. Lovely.

Great pictures, and the soup looks tasty!

kleo - Thanks! Scarlet is a persistent little bugger. She's always trying to get at my food when I take pictures of it.

kaji's mom - Thank you!

The cookies are adorable! I haven't baked in such a long time... time to go buy some cute new cookie cutters and get a baking :) The soup looks great!!!

I need to get some new cookie cutter. All I have are xmas themed cutters.

I love your shark cookies! They're so cute!!!

Shark Themed sounds like a great time - I'm jealous! My boyfriend wanted to throw a christmas in july party but that never happened - so sad. Cute cookies and I agree with the fennel - I know I don't like the vegetable and I now leave out the seeds entirely from the tempeh sauage crumbles.

btw- I love random cookie cutters. Sur La Table has dinosaur ones I really want..
I have a squirrel and a "metal" hand/love sign or something that I really like.

Look at that sillie kittie >^,,^<

This meal lookvery yummy, and I'm with you on the fennel. Never had much love for fennel, seed or otherwise.

:) Mikaela

Miss Scarlet is as endearing as ever. The shark party sounds like great fun, I’m thinking we need to throw some random themed party in the near future. The soup looks yummy, I haven’t made up a pot of stew in a while. I don't think I've ever kept saffron on hand, it's a rather pricey spice isn't it? Funny you should mention fennel, I just picked some up yesterday for the VwaV veg chorizo, I like fennel seed quite a bit. Did you make your chorizo with the ancho chili powder or regular? I had never heard of it before and didn’t come across any at the market so I just made it with reg chili powder.

I love themes! Themed parties with cookies to match sounds especially fun.

I actually think I'd prefer my cat to be like Miss Scarlet in having an interest in vegan foods, she's pretty picky. I wish I could make little vegan cat treats for her that she'd actually eat, haha. The food she's really obsessed with is her canned Trader Joe's tuna for cats..

This is my first time commenting here, I'm not much of a commenter but I felt I had to post at LEAST once, you have the most awesome blog (I know you've heard that several times before though :P).. your pictures are just amazing. I check back almost daily! thanks for keeping such an incredible fun blog :D

miss tiffie - Thanks! Definitely get to baking. It's good times, especially when you can pawn the end result off on other people. :)

grace - I don't think I have any xmas ones. I only have animals. I want star cookies.

pure zuke - Thanks!

jess - Christmas in July would be awesome. The ones I've been to are: sharks, superheros, pirates, and... I can't remember the other one. Oh, the 90's. Which makes me feel really old, but hey! Themes make everything better. I'd love a "metal hand" cookie cutter. I have a squirrel, and dinosaurs... I really love my animal set. There's even an octopus!

jam*tacular - I actually don't mind fennel the vegetable, at least the one time I had it... but the seed? Uck.

shananigans - Saffron is pricey, but I picked up a tiny container (just enough for this recipe, actually) for like 2 bucks many moons ago. I never used it until now. I can't imagine making it a staple in my cooking, but for an occasional thing it's not impossible. I just emailed you the recipe for the chorizo tonight -but obviously you found it elsewhere, which is good. I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I'm a loser when it comes to keeping track of email. I used regular chili powder, in any case.

laine - Theme parties + cookies = the best time ever. I'm sure Miss Scarlet would prefer the tuna if given a choice; I'm not sure how she'd feel about vegan cat treats. I mean, if it was Earth Balance rolled in nutritional yeast she'd probably love it. She's crazy for the EB. But otherwise, probably not so much.

Thanks for commenting! I love it when new people pop in and make themselves known. :)

Amanda, let's see the octopus in action!

I freakin' love the octopus. (He only has 4 cookie tentacles, though.) The octopus and the dinosaurs are my favorites. Oh, and the rhino. I've made the whole menagerie before. I just need a reason to make animal cookies, because if I make them for no reason then I'll eat them all.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Fennel is most definitely a love it or hate it item. I really loved it in this stew, but not so much in the tempeh sausage, like Jess. I don't cook with it often - it stays in its little baggie in my pantry as it hasn't yet made the upgrade to the actual spice shelf :-)

One thing I definitely love? Those cookies. Very cute.

Thanks! I think the little chocolate eyes make them somewhat less fierce. About fennel... I've sort of decided that if I see it in a recipe in the future, I'm just leaving it out. I've tried. I just can't deal with its flavor. Otherwise the stew was really good, though.

of shark and men? haha sounds great
Over the top is my specialty! :)


No worries about the e-mail, I finally just went and got a copy of VwaV for myself. About time! I’ve already made good use of it, can’t wait to dig in with more cooking this weekend. I wonder if my Indian grocer might have small containers of saffron?

do you actually have a shark cookie cutter? Wild!

shananigans - Hmm. I don't know if the Indian store would have saffron. I don't think mine does, but who knows?

megan - I do! It's awesome. :)

Can't blame a kitty for trying esp. when it looks so delicious.

Those shark cookies are the best..

Thanks! :) Yeah, I forgave her. She's too cute to hate.

the food looks delicious, the cookies are adorable, and i heart your kittycat.

She hearts you back! Okay, actually, she flips her tail in disinterest. But what does she know?

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