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Taco Mac

Today I took the leftover Mac & Nooch and mixed it with some taco-seasoned TVP to make something that is apparently quite similar to Hamburger Helper. So says Adam, anyway, and I'm going to have to take his word for it since I don't actually think I've ever had Hamburger Helper. (Is that the one with the weird talking glove thing?) Regardless, it was damn tasty. Better than I thought it would be, even. It doesn't look like much, though. I hate it when food isn't pretty.

The TVP was just simmed in water with a packet of taco seasoning. Oh, and I sauteed about half an onion and some garlic in there first. I was going to make the chorizo from VwaV, but at the last minute I realized that I'm out of black pepper and chili powder. And coriander seeds! Woe is my spice rack, seriously.

And of course the ever-present broccoli makes an appearance. I do eat other vegetables, I swear. Broccoli is just so easy to throw into things.

hee! yes, that's the talking glove dealie.

food looks yum, as usual!

I remember the talking glove. Do they still use him? I don't remember it being in any recent commercials.

Like the new blog look, btw.

I always thought the talking glove was kind of creepy. I mean who could possibly be that cheery. He is like the mutant cousin to the pillsbury dough boy and the michelin man.

I'm so hungry right now I could totally go for some of that taco stuff. Mmmm. Come cook for me.

Eat as much broccoli as you want, sister - I understand :)


That's a great idea. I haven't eaten Hamburger Helper in years and totally don't miss the cardboard taste :)

Did you soak the TVP first and then simmer it in water/taco seasoning, or just simmer it from the dried TVP? What a great idea!


Being Midwestern I’d totally go for this veganized hamburger helper. Comfort food for sure. Broccoli is a highly underrated vegetable in my opinion, glad you’re getting yours in. It’s also a good source of calcium.

girl least likely to - Thank you for confirming the glove thing. NO thank you to the terrifying Myspace glove, though. I'm going to have nightmares. It's got a nose in the middle of its palm!

grace - Thanks! I don't know if the glove is still in action. I haven't seen a hamburger helper commercial in ages.

jessiegirl - I actually like the Pillsbury doughboy. And the Saty-Puft marshmallow man. The glove just freaks me out. Not because he's cheery, just because it's an anthropomorphic talking glove. And that's freaky.

I believe it's actually your turn to cook for me, lady.

jamtacular - Go broccoli! I'm out of it right now and that makes me sad.

crystal - I just simmered the dry TVP for about 20 minutes. I've never soaked it before. Are you supposed to? I've only used TVP twice so I really have no idea.

shananigans - Broccoli is a good source of all kinds of things. It's awesome. It's pretty much my "go to" vegetable. You should give something like this a spin - it's good stuff. I might have it again tonight, in fact.

Ok, so it is my turn to cook. What are you in the mood to eat? Anything specific? I don't know what to cook and thursday is comming up like super fast. That and my spice rack is seriously slim right now.

Well you don't HAVE to cook if you don't want to. We could go out, or I could cook. Any of these options is okay by me. If there's something you want to make specifically but don't have the spices, I can probably bring whatever you need. Especially if it's Indianish.

The only request I have regarding food is that it's mushroom-free.

mm this reminds me of mac n cheese with chili mixed into it. i know it kind of sounds odd but it's darn satisfying


Broccoli always "works" for me. I love it! Easy and tasty and healthy! Love what you did to make taco-seasoned TVP. Great stuff. I had Hamburger Helper as a kid. Wasn't a big fan. I did dig the talking glove (yer so funny to mention that!! Trip down memory lane there!!!) Back then i was all about the "meat" and not into the pasta... Wow, what a weird kid i was...

Sauteed onion and garlic! Thatta girl.

Lovin' that polka dot plate, vc.

teddy - It doesn't sound odd at all! It sounds awesome, actually.

kleo - Eveything is better with onions and garlic! Well, maybe not everything. But most things. :) When I was a kid I was went both ways. I loved carrots and lettuce and fruit, but I also ate my dad's meaty cuisine and loved it. It's gross to think about it now, I have to say.

I don't mind cooking. But I'm a terrible planner when it comes to what i'm going to eat. It usually goes something like this:
3:00 to early for dinner, occupy self. 5:00 Hey look it's dinner, what do I have the ingredients to make.

I'll think of something.

Hey, flying by the seat of your culinary pants is just fine by me. 3:00 is too early for dinner, so we don't have to eat until later anyway.

Is 3:00 a good time to show up?

My brother told me the other day he ate a whole box of Hamburger Helper to himself. What??? It's crazy that anyone would want to eat this in the first place and then the whole box??? I'd so rather eat your yummy leftover magic mac.

That's nuts! I can't imagine eating a whole box of that stuff. The vegan version is definitely less gross and more delicious.

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