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Potato and Tempeh Sausage Pizza

It's been a while since I last posted - my first week of school is winding to a close, and between that and work it's all I can do to cook some pasta for dinner. I forsee a lot of simple meals in my future, which is unfortunately bad for food blogging. We'll see how that goes.

Last weekend I made the Potato and Tempeh Sausage Pizza from VwV, only without the homemade crust. I used a sourdough Rustic Crust instead, because I love them and I was too lazy to make my own. I pretty much knew I'd love this pizza. And I did. Adam did too. It's chewy and substantial and basically just delicious. I used the optional soy mozzarella (Vegan Gourmet) and left off the fennel, because I'm not overly fond of the stuff.

Two thumbs up. I'll definitely make it again.

Another thing that's been occupying my time lately is the Super Secret Blogging Project I mentioned once before, which is no longer super secret because it's finally done. Jessiegirl and I have started a joint photoblog: iso365. The idea came up when I went to visit her for the first time, I believe, and we've been plugging away at it ever since. We're alternating days, with a new image posted every day. So if you're interested in that sort of thing, or just want to see what we get up to when we're not in the kitchen, stop by and check it out.

vc, great to see you post. This pizza, on a rustic crust:


Hope your school year goes easy, that you learn lots of cool stuff and that 'tis fun for you also.

Off to check you 'n' jg's new blog!

this looks yummy. And i've pretty much fallen in love with all things involving tempeh sausage.

I'm lovin' both the pizza and the photograhy blog. I'll be watching your photos - great photos are always more moving to me when I know the person that took them. And now that I kinda know you and Jessiegirl, my interest is peeked.

Why have I never made that pizza before?

Megan the Vegan

I'm not a huge sausage fan but i do LOVE potatoes. This may be worth a shot. mm It's breakfast time here and i'm STARVING. looking at all these blogs could have been a day idea

kleo - The pizza was really amazing. I love Rustic Crusts. :) My school year is shaping up to be a toughie and it just started... but it's necessary, so I'll deal.

jessiegirl - I told you so.

megan - I think this pizza just flies under the radar, but it's deinitely worth making. I hope the photoblog doesn't disappoint - it's super fun for us, so hopefully that comes through. :)

teddy - Try it! It's awesome. Looking at food blogs when you're hungry is always a dangerous idea.

looks truly good!



Mmmm, pizza! Always a favorite of mine, this looks muy delicioso. Hope you have a successful semester. I miss school so much sometimes. It could be really rough and make me crazy, but I feel like I was always learning and challenging myself and things were interesting. Not so much with the working world. Love the new photoblog!

johanna3 - Thank you!

shananigans - Yeah, I love my school. It's just everything piled on top of each other makes life really stressful. But it's not boring, certainly.

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