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Oreo Cupcakes

This is a terrible picture of a really delicious cupcake. Last week for Project Runway Night (I usually have people over to watch it) I made oreo cupcakes. I basically just took your standard wacky cake recipe, subbed black cocoa powder for half of the regular stuff, and topped them with with a buttercream-ish frosting with crushed generic oreos mixed in. Originally I made a shortening-based frosting for them, because I wanted it to be white, but I had my suspicions about my shortening and one taste of the frosting confirmed it: rancid. So gross. So I scrapped that and made up an Earth Balance-based frosting that was delicious. These were a big hit.

Project Runway + Oreo Cupcakes = Perfect Combo. They look so perfect, I can only imagine how yummy they tasted.

that looks fantastic. nothing wrong with that photo!

Nice to know i'm not the only one obscessed with Project Runway. Though, i don't see it often cause it comes on past my bedtime.

megan the vegan

Can I come over to watch TV and eat cupcakes? Add a mimosa or two and you've got a perfect evening there.

brasilveg - It really is a perfect combo. :)

megan - I'm totally obsessed with Project Runway! I love it. I tape it if I have to work when it's on.

shananigans - You totally can. Any excuse to make/eat cupcakes and watch TV is okay by me.

These are so cute. It looks very similar to a pic I saw on PPK of cupcakes that will be debuting in Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. One of my favorite little cupcakes. I made one very similar but with a swirled batter of both vanilla and chocolate.

OK, I must live in a vacuum of some sort. I don't know what Project Runway is. Sounds like something fashiony. Oreo cupcakes would go with anything as far as I'm concerned. My husband hates Oreos. WTF? Can you believe that?

nsvv - I saw this picture, too - it made me want to make these. :) I'm so excited for that book. Swirly batter sounds awesome. I love marbled cakes.

carrie - Project Runway is a fashion design challenge/reality show that's in its third season on Bravo. I love it. And I love cupcakes. And oreos. Your husband is crazy.

It looks really great, very creative! Project runway rocks! So do oreos.

i read your blog and i thought it was pretty interesting. there were a lot of things that reminded me of myself the first year when i became vegan. anyway you seem cool and fun and more vegan friends are always great. are you still into running? maybe we could chat sometime.

oh i wanted to add one more thing that actually pertained to this entry. apparently, duncan heines frosting is vegan (i've never actually tried it). though i know i like baking too so its usually more fun to make my own.

Tania - Thanks!

marygrace - In theory I'm still into running; in practice, not so much. I'd like to remedy that, but who knows. I've actually used a few of the Duncan Hines and other frostings before, but since I started making my own they don't taste as good to me anymore. Plus having a can of frosting around is really dangerous. :)

koo koo! the cupcake looks great
I used to have tv show nights with my friends. It's so much fun

YUM! you make the prettiest desserts. and food in general. and self-portraits.

teddy - TV show nights are the best. :) But any excuse to make cupcakes is welcome, as far as I'm concerned.

girl least likely to - Aw, thank you!

Indeed the picture doesn't give credit to the delicious combination.

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