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Key Lime Pie Cupcakes

Yes, more cupcakes! Another Wendesday came and went, after all - and it's not a proper Project Runway experience without cupcakes. (And we really needed them this week to console ourselves when Kayne got the boot.) In my search for interesting cupcake varieties I can across a decidedly non-vegan bakery that make key lime pie cupcakes. I love cupcakes. I love lime. I used to love key lime pie. What could be better? I had to make them. These cupcakes were not optional.

I used the Lemon Gem cupcake recipe from VwaV, but I subbed lime juice and zest for the lemon and added a bit more flour to make a thicker batter. They rose much better this time around, incidentally. I made a cream cheese frosting with Better Than Cream Cheese, Earth Balance, powdered sugar, and lime juice, and then sprinkled crushed graham cracker crumbs on top. They came out really well - very light and limey, but still creamy from the frosting. The graham cracker crumbs added a nice cinnamony crunch as well as a cute finish.

Mission: accomplished. I'll definitely be filing this one away for future use.

Wow those look Yummy! I'm glad you used the Lemon Gem base...it gives me some ideas for other cupcakes. I'll have to try those!

Thanks! They were pretty awesome. :) I want to try an orange version of the Lemon Gems as well.

Wow! I MUST try those! Great idea...

omg i love lime. i must find that cook book and try them limey!

That's such a great idea, they look adorable.

I'm writing this into my cookbook.

I've switched up the lemon for lime before, but that cream cheese icing sounds perfect. The graham cracker puts it over the edge! I love graham cracker.

Megan the Vegan

chris - Try them! They're a nice variation on the classic Lemon Gem deliciousness.

attikusvicious - Do it! Your sister will appreciate it, I'm sure.

isa - Thank you! It's an awesome recipe to start with, of course. :)

michelle - Yay! Spread the lime love.

megan - I love graham crackers too. Especially as pie crusts. And cream cheese icing is awesome on these, definitely.

I love it.

I'm on a total citrus kick, so I will be making these soon.

I hope you like them! I love citrusy stuff. :)

They look good and I love citrus so must give them a try.

Hi, I am also from PA!
Your food looks really yummy!

jackie - Thanks! I hope you like them if you do try them out.

janie - Thank you! I love seeing other vegans in PA. We're few and far between, at least in my area.

Well done, lady! :)

Mikaela (jamintake.blogspot.com)

PS: I think you'd like Amber's PR reviews: http://www.myaimistrue.com/

You are quite the innovative baker! These sound so good, I love lime.

Is your Tofutti cream cheese made with hydrogenated oil? I hear they make a variety that is non-hydrogenated, but the “better than cream cheese” they carry at my TJ’s is made with hydrogenated oil. If there are two varieties, I wonder why they would do that?

Mikaela - Thanks! I'll check out the PR reviews. My favorite recap site is Television Without Pity. I love it.

shananigans - I think my tofutti is the non-hydrogenated kind. I think. I could very well be wrong. I have to admit it's not something I really look for, even though I know I should. I know that the non-hydrogentated kind is newer, and some people think it doesn't taste as good - so maybe that's why they make both.

vc, you are such a star. I still am in love w/the polka dot background. So awesome! Love the key lime in anything really and cupcakes are the ultimate way to use that citrusy sour/sweet flavour. Wow. And i really appreciate the graham cracker crumbs atop. Nice way to finish it up!

Aww, thank you!

Oh I love lime! What a great idea for those cupcakes. I can't wait for Project Runway next week. Not because I watch the show; I want to see more cupcakes!

thanks for the idea!
looks so good, i cant wait to try some!

you really love citrus eh? :)
I like the idea of the gram crackers ontop too


Oh how I do love cupcakes! Your blog is fantastic for creative treat ideas! Thanks.

i, too, mourned the loss of kayne. and love lime. so i'll HAVE to try these. harumph. yet another vegancore item for the list. :)

carrie - Thanks! Unfortunately PR was a rerun this week, so no cupcakes. :(

johanna3 - Thanks!

teddy - I do! Except for grapefruit.

urban granola - Thank you! I love treats of all kinds, so I'm happy to share.

holiday at sea - Aww, Kayne. I miss him. I can't wait for the inevitable reunion episode so I can see his gloriously bitchy face again. I hope you like these if you do try them out.

Those cupcakes sound fantastic :)

Lime? I'm there.

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