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VwaV Breakfast Veggie Chorizo

I made this a few days ago - it was my first time using TVP. I've always been kind of skeptical about the stuff, because it seems ground meat-esque and I've never liked ground meat substitutes (or actual ground meat, for the most part). But this recipe was really good. I'll definitely make it again. I mostly ate it on sandwiches (like this one), because I have some (homemade) bread to use up.

Wow! That looks incredibly good. I use TVP now and again. It usually works really well for me so I don't know why I don't use it more often. I think I'll look this recipe up and see what it's all about. Thanks!

This looks 100x better than I thought the dish would. I'm thinking about making a VWAV breakfast for dinner myself.
You also make me regret not buying colored peppers at the farmer's market today!

carrie - Thanks! You should definitely try it. It's a good recipe.

jess - I love breakfast for dinner. I wonder why people never eat never eat dinner for breakfast? (The orange and yellow peppers are my favorite.)

I don't eat dinner for breakfast because cooking dinner usually involves way more dishes than I'm willing to wash that early in the morning. Though when I was pregnant I used to make Spaghetti for breakfast at least once a week.

This looks like the perfect thing to pack up and bring to school this semester. I'll have to pick up some tvp and give it a shot.

p.s. for a girl who doesn't like ground meat substitutes this sandwich looks suprisingly meaty.

It's true about the dishes. Breakfasts are usually one pot/pan things. This stuff is meaty-looking, but it doesn't have the same gross texture.

If you were going to take this as a lunch, you'd probably be better off putting it in a tortilla or something. It's not the neatest food ever.

That looks great and I'm sure Omniman would agree.


I used TVP for the first time last week. In a sloppy joe- Turned out great. I was surprised b/c it was just an impromtu recipe i made up haha


Soppy Joes are the dish I always thought TVP would work best in. I love it when you just throw something together and it comes out well. :)

wow nice photo.. looks great i have been eye balling that recipe.. i guess its time to try it.. i have used tvp for chilis and some "burgers" works well..

Looks great! bet it would be wicked good in dirty rice..

Beautiful photo! I love the yellor pepper on the turquise plate!

madeinalaska - Thanks! Definitely give the recipe a try. It's really tasty.

melody - I bet you're right! Yum.

pure zuke - Thank you! The yellow and orange peppers are my favorites.

Yum! Yet another recipe from VwaV I haven't tried. Love all the colorful veggies you always have with your food :)

Thanks! I love colorful food. I always feel bad when I eat a plate full of beige. You should try this recipe out!

Looks so fab. I love the spicy flavor.

TVP rocks my world. What you made really looks good. I'm such a huge pepper fan as well. Beautiful to look at and i'm sure fantastic to devour, vc. Thanks for sharing!!

urban vegan - Thanks! Me too. :)

kleo - Thank you! I wouldn't say TVP rocks my world yet, but it is pretty darn tasty.

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