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Wonder Twin Powers Activate!

So today I hopped into my crappy car and rode down to York to meet Jessiegirl. We'd been talking about getting together for a while, so when everything fell into place schedule-wise I knew I had to jump at the opportunity. We went to Sonnewald's, a natural food store with a kick ass bulk section, and then just hung out and talked for a few hours. She's amazing and I'm SO glad I got to meet her. Seriously, we clicked right away. We're very much alike, in the best ways. Her daughter is adorable and the rest of her family is awesome. Plus I had a kitten sit on my neck! I don't think things could've gone better, honestly.

It was so awesome to be able to wander through a grocery store with someone who actually enjoys wandering through grocery stores as much as I do. Seriously. I don't have any friends like that. This is a major find. Plus she's planning to move to Lancaster eventually, which would rock not only my world but the rest of the planet in this solar system as well.

We're going to get together again soon (I hope), possibly for a Fauxstess Cupcake adventure. I'm excited. I'm also going to make her watch Veronica Mars, because I take my TV seriously and I must spread the love.

New food purchases: whole wheat couscous, a long grain and wild rice mix, quinoa, raw cashews, a mint carob rice cake, a peanut butter carob rice cake, a chocolate chocolate chip cookie that was adequate at best, and 3 mangos.

It's wonderful to spend time with friends. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. I seriously want to make those fauxtess cupcakes. Everything I've heard about them has been good.

I know, I'm pretty excited to make the fauxstess. I can't make them when I'm alone or I'll just eat them all.

First things first, I LOVE your new picture. :) I see you a lot in the blogger world and decided to stop by and say hi

I think we all need to hear more about how you had a kitten on your neck!


Oh I get it. You need to share the thigh widening powers of the faustess cupcake with me. It's ok. I'll let you.

As for the kitten- One of my adorable kittens Lickerish would trade his soul for two things - food and love. and in an attempt to get attenition from Vegancore he climbed up her front and curled up around her neck and laid his head down her right shoulder. Much like a furry little scarf with surround sound because his purr is so incredibly loud.

funwithyourfood - Thank you! I believe the kitten-on-neck experience is summed up in Jessiegirl's comment. I say A++, would do business with again.

jessiegirl - Well yeah. I'm all about sharing the thigh-widening powers of vegan baked goods. Just this morning I sent Adam off to work with a tupperware container full of brownies and instructions to foist them upon anyone who would have them.

Lickerish is quite skilled in his attention-seeking ways.

someone brought a stray cat to the library one time that likes to sit on necks and shoulders, maybe he is lickerish's long lost cousin :)

the attention getting ways obviously worked, as the people that were trying to find him a home decided to keep him!

Aww, yay! I'm glad the kitty found a home. I love it when they sit on necks. It's too cute.

WAY cool. I love that you met, connected, shopped and had such a lovely day. That is really wonderful.

And i love your new avatar - you look adorable as usual!

Aww, thank you! And it was pretty amazing how it all worked out.

Sounds like fun. Wouldn't it be cool if we could set up a vegan bloggers' get-together?

It would be! We totally could, too. There are a few vegan bloggers in the Philly area. We could have a vegnic.

Ahhhh! Sounds like you had a fabulous time. It's so nice to be around people who "get" you!

instead of a vegnic, we should do a video for "how do you iron chef?" (and have a vegnic after)
it would be a fois gras free iron chef zone

pure zuke - It is! It was awesome to hang with another vegan, definitely.

jessica - Iron Chef Vegan is something I would LOVE to see. I love that show, but it's so gross. Like vomity gross. I'm seriously all about having a vegnic, though. We could make it happen.

I'm all for a vegnic. I'd totally be there. meeting lots of other vegans would be way cool.

It would definitely be awesome. I don't want to be the organizer, though. I suck at organizing. I can't keep track of anything.

so cool that you got together!
I absolutely love to wonder the ailse of the grocery store too. Particularly when I travel....that's where I get all my souveniers!

i can help with the organising - but you're the one with all the social connections! hehe

megan - I think that when you go vegan, your interest in food increases tenfold. I know mine did. I always like to cook, but it's different now.

jessica - That's funny to hear, because in reality I have very few social connections. I'm not really a people person. But I do like the idea of a PA vegnic. Hmm. We shall see...

Hi! Sorry it has taken me a while but I wanted to let you know that I have moved my blog! Yup! A new addy! It's http://harmonia.bloggoing.com - swing by and check it out when you have time. My old one will still be active for the daily OM and blogroll. Hope to see you soon!

It’s so cool when the blog and real worlds collide! Glad you had fun. TJ’s whole wheat cous cous is a staple in my cupboard now, it’s so easy to prepare and you can vary it endlessly with different spices. Enjoy your new food finds.

Vegnic. Love it. Let's do it!

We will have to be sure to vegnic before the winter rolls in. I know that seems so far away but it is actually just around the corner.

shananigans - I love couscous because it takes no time at all to make. I just need to think of more ways to use it.

urban vegan - You know, I totally didn't think people would take that idea seriously, but I'm all about it if other people are too. :)

jessiegirl - I know, it's creeping up on us. We have a month or two still, though. We have global warming on our side, after all.

I am very interested in the fauxess!

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