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Daily Food Photo Journal

As you can see, the old layout is back. I have a new one in mind, but that will have to wait for another time. A time when my blog is not in shambles, perhaps. The photobucket images are still broken; they should be back in a few days. In the meantime I've gotten myself a Flickr account; I've been uploading food pictures to it for about a week now. I'll post them all here in due time, but right now I wanted to mention another thing I've started doing: keeping a daily food photo journal. Inspired by Joanna's daily eats project, I am taking pictures of everything I eat and compiling them into neat little mosaic of my daily consumption. It's really interesting to see it all together like that, big as life. And on the diet front, it really leaves no opportunity for plausible deniability. So if you want to check that out, it's here.

And if you want to check out the food porn that's on deck for blog-posting, those pictures are here.

That's an awesome idea. I love how you end most of your days with two tablespoons of chocolate chips. I do that too :). Did you girls use the "Warholizer" to get everything in cool squares like that?

Thanks! I can't escape the chocolate chips, even though I sometimes think I should. I just like to have something sweet at the end of the day. Joanna and I both use the Mosaic Maker that you can find through the Flickr toys link beneath the images. :)

Just wanted to say, about flickr, they'll do the same thing as photobucket. After a hundred photos or so they'll give you the boot unless you pony up with some cash.

Looks good to me here, by the way...

vv - Yeah, I'm going to have to get a paid account at some point. It's not a big deal. So far I'm liking Flickr better anyway.

kleo - great! :)

Thanks, v*core =)



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