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Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

First things first: if you are dieting or watching what you eat in any way, do not make these cookies. I repeat, DO NOT MAKE THESE COOKIES. You will regret it.

For the record, I don't usually like chocolate chip cookies. But chocolate macadamia nut is the boy's favorite, and tomorrow is his birthday - so, chocolate macadamia nut it is. I pulled out Vegan with a Vengeance (aka the best cookbook ever) and modified the Chocolate Chip Cookies to suit my needs. Which basically means that I cut the recipe in half (because 36 cookies / 2 people = a very bad situation) and threw in about a cup of chopped macadamia nuts. I only put in 3/4 cup originally, but it soon became apparent that if the rest didn't go into the cookies they were going to go into my mouth.

The result? 22 delicious, buttery (well, margariney) cookies. There would probably have been 24 if I'd managed to keep my hands out of the dough. And therein lies the problem with these little beauties. I don't much like cookie dough, as a rule. Even vegan cookie dough, which, being egg-free, is practically begging to be eaten. I mean, listen for a second. Do you hear that? It's asking for it.

But this cookie dough... oh my. Add in the chocolate and macadamia nuts and really, how could I resist? So I ate a bit. And then a bit more. And then I ate an actual cookie, all warm and gooey from the oven. And then I drooled all over myself and had to take a shower.

I short, these cookies are the shit, and Isa is my hero. However, my hips curse her name. They're just so touchy that way.

Holy schmolies do those look good! We've tried several of the sweets from VwaV and they're all awesome but we've yet to try these. Maybe because my wife tends to get migraines from chocolate. But I could probably convince her to make them for me. Of course then I'd have to eat every last one by myself...

Oh man, they're SO good. To the point where I won't make them again for a good long while because I can't be trusted around them. They're evil cookies. Evil good.

I just found your site and Holy Hell you are hysterical. I about cried reading this post. Too funny. I'm not sure if *Core* has anything to do with WW, but I am a vegan WW and I'm really happy to have found you. And I'll be making this cookies for my son's bday I think. Everyone needs a vegan choc chip cookie...I like the idea of halving the recipe for my hips too!

The "core" in the blog name isn't WW-related, but I am on WW. Points, though, not Core. Either way, thanks for visiting and commenting! If you do make the cookies and find yourself needing someone to blame, you can come back and yell at me. I'll understand.

Those look amaaaaazing. Isn't it funny how non-vegans assume that all vegans are malnourished bamboo shoot noshing waifs? Yeah, rrrright.

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