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Farmer's Market = Love

Doesn't it though? I'm lucky enough to have a very large indoor market just a few blocks away that's open 3 days a week year-round. I live in what I suppose is smallish city, but drive a few miles and you're in farm country. It's very rural, and as a result you can't drive anywhere in the summer without passing 3 or 4 produce stands along the way. It's lovely to be able to eat so much that's locally grown, and it's a fair bit cheaper as well, which is always nice.

This afternoon I walked down and bought a few things - 2 boxes of strawberries, a box of clementines, 2 yellow peppers, a box of russet potatoes, and a bag of baby carrots. Of course the strawberries aren't locally grown this time of year, but they're very good and pretty cheap for strawberries in January. I always feel so virtuous when I leave with bags and bags of produce. And I guess I should, really. Being vegan has got to be wicked good karma.

I can't wait until summer, when the market is overflowing with berries and melons that were just picked days ago and traveled less than 15 miles to get here. Mmm, melons. God I love melons.

Yeah, there's really no point to this post but to espouse my love of the farmer's market. But isn't that enough?

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