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Tuesday Menu 2/21 - Potato-Green Pea Samosa Filling

Cinnamon Life with soymilk.

A hard-shell taco from the burrito place across the street from my school. The filling was chipotle rice, black beans, lettuce, and their amazing fresh salsa.

About 3 Tbsp of chocolate chips, because my mouth is a sucking vortex of badness.
A piece of wheat bread with a smidge of Earth Balance.

Potato-Edamame filling from the samosa recipe in Vegan with a Vengeance, except with peas instead of edamame and with some tamarind-date sauce. Oh, and I didn't peel the potatoes. This is seriously good stuff. I've made the samosas themselves before, but the filling is super delicious and definitely worthy of eating plain. Plus it's less work. The tamarind-date sauce is freaking amazing and comes courtesy of my local Indian store. Oh, Ohm Indian Grocery. How did I ever live without you?

2 fudge-mint cookies.

Good news: those chocolate chips have a few fewer calories per tablespoon than I thought, and now the bag is gone so I can't eat anymore. Bad news: The bag is gone because I ate the whole thing. That's 1,610 calories of pure chocolatey evil. It's like I invented an 8th day just so I could eat my way through it. Awesome.

Today was actually fine, though. Maybe even a little on the low side, which, given my recent chocolate feeding frenzy, can only be a good thing.

this has been on my top "to make" list from VwaV. Glad to hear a good report. Yummm...

Don't be afraid to put the earth balance on your toast. Believe it or not, the fat/protein combination with the carbs from the bread will actually reduce caloric consumption while making you feel more full, making your snack healthier!

This is great! I have invented 8th days myself...

ms. mercedes - This stuff is seriously good. The samosas themselves are good as well, of course, but I never have the patience to make individual dough-wrapped things.

matt - Don't worry, I'm not afraid of the Earth Balance. :) Sometimes I like a little, sometimes a lot. It depends on the bread.

eatpeaceplease - I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. :)

The filling looks way good. I am very much anticipating when my friend returns my book! How did I think I could go with out? sigh

Secondly - Earth Balance is the best 'butter' out there. My gosh, I forget that I like it just spread on toast, too. I had some on a corn muffin recently and was so content.

Seriously, I could never let anyone borrow VwaV. I would miss it like a kidney. Or another, even more important internal organ. And Earth Balance is totally the best butter out there. I've never even bothered trying any other kinds.

I used to be a big Soy Garden fan, and I like to use it rarely now, but my boyfriend is all earth balance boy.

I miss VWAV. I want to try to the coconut cupcakes asap. So that means I also need to invite people for dinner...

mmmm...samosas. That filling is making my lunch look pretty sad. I just bought my first tub of Earth Balance a couple weeks ago and I think I can officially write butter out of my diet. Now if only I could find an equally good equivalent for mozzarella...

apparently the vegan gourmet brand of mozz is supposed to be good, but I've never tried it. I ADORE real fresh mozz, so I have a feeling I'll be disappointed with anything less =(

vegancore, can I tell you again how much I adore your camera? I LOVE this shot, with the bowls on top of the book. Love it. I might just have to sell my soul to the credit card companies...someday. eek.

jess - I'm making them tonight and then foisting the rest upon my classmates at school tomorrow. Mwahahaha.

shananigans - It feels to weird to say that I'm eating filling. Heh. On the mozzarella front, Vegan Gourmet is the best I've found. But it's best to abstain from cheese for a good long time before trying any vegan substitute for it. It can be good, but it's not going to be cheese.

ms. mercedes - See above re: Vegan Gourmet. As for the camera... I sold my soul for it, and I'd do it again. But I use it pretty much every day (for non-food things as well as pictures for this blog), so your mileage my vary.

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