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Sunday Menu 2/19 - General Tao's Seitan

2 slices of bread with 1 teaspoon of Earth Balance and a clementine.

1 cup of Cinnamon Life, dry.
1 Tbsp. of chocolate chips.
1/2 oz. of almonds.

A strawberry-banana smoothie with flax, plus 6 dried dates stuffed 1 almonds each.

1 slice of wheat bread with a little Earth Balance.

General Tao's Seitan with broccoli and rice. YUM. That's all I have to say. I modified this recipe from VegWeb.

Almond butter Smacker. I like this one better than the peanut butter kind.
1 Tbsp. of chocolate chips
1/2 oz. of almonds.
2 fudge-mint cookies.

Yeah, so... the snacking is getting out of control. I don't even know why. I'd like to blame my period. It would be make me feel less like a loser. Unfortunately it's probably just me being lame and stuffing my face with chocolate chips for no reason other than that they taste good.

So I'm going to split the blame. Half menstrual craziness, half regular old being a fatty. It happened. Whatever. Chocolate chips do not rule my life. That's what I need to keep telling myself: I am not Food's bitch. I wear the very large pants in this relationship.

Anyway. This weekend sucked. Hopefully this week will be better. No, scratch that. This week definitely fucking will be better. Take that, chocolate chips. What makes you think I won't cut you?

(Please excuse me. I need copious amounts of sleep, like, yesterday.)

I was having a chocolate craving today, and not only bought a bag of chocolate chips from Trader Joe's, put threw them in the freezer and then later had a spoonful - it works, it's the perfect amount! I thank you for the inpsiration.

but then I also had a cupcake at a later point..but once you see the cupcake you'll understand. ; )

See, now if I could stick to a spoonful I'd be okay. :) Mmm, cupcakes. I can't wait to see them!

Love that General Tao... and I just made some seitan this weekend so I think that'll have to go on my list.

Know how you feel... I had a PMS weekend, and it didn't stop at chocolate chips! I vowed to do better this week, I just had to get those cookies out of the way first...:(

chris - It's a really good recipe. The one thing I'd recommend is making the whole sauce recipe even if you cut everything else in half. Because really, the sauce is the best part.

melissa - Unfortunately mine hasn't really stopped at chocolate chips either. It's really weird, because I'm not PMSing or anything, I just can't stop eating crap. It's freaking me out.

ooo...where is the general tao's recipe from? can you post? looks to die for.

I haven't cooked in too long...I've just been living off leftovers from my freezer. Oops. I've also aquired like 6 new vegan cookbooks in the last few weeks. Oops again! Time to start cooking.

I'm thinking something from vegan with a vengeance.

The general tao's recipe is on vegweb.com - I posted the link a few days ago. It calls for tofu, but I don't really like tofu so I subbed seitan. The sauce is really yummy.

I've yet to be led astray by VwaV, so I'd say that's an excellent place to start. :) I make the corn chowder a lot.

I'll have to try this...I have some Seitan at home that I need to use.


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