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Wednesday Menu 2/15 - Seitan and Cornbread

A Fuji apple spread with 1 Tbsp natural peanut butter.
A marzipan chocolate. You know, pre-this piece of candy, I thought that I didn't really like marzipan. Apparently I was wrong.

2 more pieces of chocolate. One had a chocolate ganache filling, maybe with a hint of coffe flavor. The other had sprinkles on top and a chocolate truffle-esque filling with little crunchy bits. Mmmmmm.
Also, 1 Tbsp of chocolate chips. If you don't here from me again, it's because I died of chocolate poisoning. Seriously though, I'm starting to feel sick. No more chocolate.
1 oz. of almonds.
A banana.

The giant period of snacking in there is because I ate lunch at 12 and then didn't have dinner until 9.

Barbecue seitan, baked beans, and cornbread. Yum.

A veritable sea of beans.

2 fudge-mint cookies.
Yet another piece of chocolate. A hazelnut heart this time. So good.

Okay, there was just way too much chocolate going on today. I'll be really happy when this box of evil is gone. Except that for that to happen I have to eat it all. Every delicious morsel. Darn.

I'll post recipes for both the seitan and the cornbread sometime soon, but right now I have homework that needs done. Lame.

it all looks great--especially the seitan. looking forward to the recipe.

I kind of had a chocolate attack too last night, during Project Runway--I had some Dagoba Xochltil, dark chocolate covered espresso beans and my old standby, ghiradelli semi-sweet chocolate chips. Damn you chocolate, why are you so addictive?

You know, I was just looking in my cabinet th eothe rday and thought "What the HELL am I going to do with all that corn meal?!"

I nxiously await your bbq seitan recipe. That looks SO. FREKAING. GOOD.

I agree, BBQ seitan sounds absolutely delish. Chocolate is both evil and good all at the same time, any wonder it's the official food of romance?

ms. mercedes - I love chocolate chips. They're so snackable. And therefore completely evil, of course. :)

matt - I'm of the opinion that you can never go wrong with cornbread. The BBQ seitan was good, but there's not really much of a recipe I'm afraid - slice up some seitan and onions, throw 'em in a pan with a bit of oil, add BBQ sauce and cook 'til it's done. Very easy.

shananigans - That's a very good point about chocolate. And if chocolate is the food then coffee is the beverage - hot, steamy, and yet... bitter.

I was pinned down by a chocolate craving this past week - and I very very rarely have them- and voila a peppermint hot chocolate was in my hands.

The food picture, as always! looks fabulous, and I don't even like baked beans.

The problem is that I'm not really even craving it - it's just there, so I eat it. And then I want more because it's delicious. I love hot chocolate, but I haven't had much success making it from scratch.

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