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Tuesday Menu 2/14 - Chocolates!

Blueberry-mango smoothie with flax.

Spicy Peanut Noodles, fresh pineapple, and red grapes.

3 delicious vegan chocolates from Rose City Chocolatiers. The Boy ordered me a box of them from Vegan Essentials, along with two other treats. The chocolates are amazing. I had a hazelnut cream, a pistachio marzipan, and a rose city mint. All delicious. This thing is like Pandora's box. Chock full o' danger. But damn does it taste good.

The other goodies are these Smackers patty things. Almond or peanut butter + chocolate = oh hells yes. I won't be eating these today, though.

Samosas, aloo mutter, saffron basmati rice, and naan at Passage to India. Pretty much the best meal ever.

Another piece of chocolate. This one was a double hazelnut thing. Hazelnut "creme" and whole nuts as well. So good. I heart hazelnut everything.

So today was kind of heavy, food-wise. Eating Indian out does that to me. I guess because we only do it once every few months I just feel the need to stuff as much goodness in as I possibly can. I'm not beating myself up about the chocolates, because it's Valentine's Day, dammit! And the best way to say "I love you" is to gorge yourself on candy.

And now here's a picture of a cat wrapped up in a blanket. What? Don't act like I need a reason.

Those chocolates look awesome!

And your kitty is soooo cute!

Thanks! Kitty has to be cute to make up for how annoying she can be. It's her greatest weapon.

You're lucky you live all the way in PA, otherwise you might come home one evening to find Scarlet KITTYNAPPED! :P

No! Kittynapping is a serious crime!

You never need a reason to post cute pictures of pets. Their cuteness is the only thing they’ve got going for them, why else would we clean up their poo and put up with their BS? Miss Scarlett is enchanting BTW.

Oh my gosh vegan truffles. It almost hurts to look it (I'm full of my Indian leftovers). I've had the peanut butter smacker - similar to a Girl Scout Tagalong and very yummy.

shananigans - Enchanting and annoying. But cute can cure many ills, it's true. I believe soft furriness is also a positive trait to have.

jess - The truffles are so good! It's ridiculous. I don't know if I've ever had a Tagalong (I was more of a Thin Mint and Samoa girl myself), but as far as I'm concerned chocolate and peanut butter can do no wrong.

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