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Thursday Menu 2/16 - Gobetti All'Arrabbiata

A piece of cornbread, a Fuji apple, and 1/2 oz. of almonds.

3/4 cup baked beans, another piece of cornbread, and baby carrots.

3 pieces of chocolate - a cherry cordial, a mandarin creme, and a hazelnut crown. Oddly enough the mandarin was my least favorite. I don't usually like cordials, but this one wasn't bad.

Gobetti All'Arrabbiata from Fatfree Vegan Kitchen. The recipe calls for penne, but I didn't have enough for two servings so I subbed whole wheat gobetti. Whole wheat pasta gets a bad rap sometimes, but I like it just fine. I usually get the Bionaturae brand from the health food store, but I've never had a whole wheat pasta I didn't enjoy. Other alterations I made to this recipe: I halved it to make just two servings, cut the amount of dried red pepper in half again (so just 1/4 tsp - we're kind of wimpy with spicy stuff), used fresh plum tomatoes, and just mashed them a bit with ye olde potato masher while they cooked rather than pureeing them. It was a quick and tasty dinner. Two thumbs up.

Another piece of chocolate. A hazelnut shell thing.
2 fudge-mint cookies.

I have eaten 463 calories worth of chocolate and cookies today. The bright side is that I still only ate about 1,500 calories. The downside, is, of course, that 30% of those calories came from junk. Note to self: work on that. But yay me for having my chocolate without breaking the caloric bank, anyway.

I adore Italian food and that looks superb. I just bought a bag of whole wheat bionature pasta for the first time in years. I used to buy it when I studied abroad, so I have fond memories~

Mmm, I love Italian food. I don't make enough of it, actually. But this recipe was very tasty, especially for having so few ingredients. I've always wanted to study abroad - where did you go?

Hi vegancore! I'm so happy you liked the arrabbiata. That whole wheat gobetti looks really good!

Thanks for posting the recipe! I'm always inspired by all the healthy, delicious-looking food on your blog.

I was based out of my school's campus in the Netherlands for a semester (we lived in a 12th century castle!), and traveling to and fro Europe on weekends and travel breaks : )

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