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Cat Drama

No real post tonight, even though I said there would be. I'm a damn liar. We had to rush the cat to the emergency vet after she had a seizure, which is scary beyond belief. I kept flashing back to Giles, my cat who seizured and died as we were loading him into the carrier to go to the vet. Awesome. But $245 later Scarlet has been pronounced fine. We have some things to watch out for, and I need to call her regular vet to see if they want to do any follow-up tests because one of her liver counts was slightly elevated. But overall she seems fine. And she was much less of a hell-beast than last time I had her at the vet, so that was nice at least.

On the food front: I had waaaaay too much chocolate when I came home from school, but after that I only had dinner (peanut noodles) so I think I still made out okay calorie-wise. I don't have a total, though, because I didn't want to face the numbers where the chocolate was concerned. For shame.

Here's hoping that your kitty continues feeling better. It's quite scary when one of your little furry ones has a medical emergency. We almost lost our cat Tux when he was about a year old because of a full blockage due to a urinary tract infection.

Thanks. :) She seems to be back to her normal self, so I'm optimistic.

I'm so glad Scarlet is doing better! A seizure is some really scary stuff, I freak out if my dog gets a rash.

Poor kit kat. Do not feel bad about the chocolate surrounding this event my dear!

shananigans - Yeah, it was super scary. I was shaking for like two hours afterward.

jess - Surprisingly there has been no chocolate! Mostly because there isn't any in the house to eat. :)

Awww! MY POOR BABY KITTY! Glad to hear she's okay and that you didn't have to drop out of school to finance the vet visit. Those things are brutal.

They really are terrible! I mean, I knew it was going to be more than a normal vet, since it's an emergency clinic, but damn son! Luckily The Boy has a credit card.

It's so scary when cats get sick. They can't tell you what's wrong, and usually (even worse), they try to hide it, because that's what their instinct would be "in the wild" - to hide the fact that they are hurt or suffering for fear of becoming a target to predators. Poor Scarlet! Give her some extra cuddles from me!: )

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