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Saturday Menu 3/11 - Corn Chowder

Banana-date smoothie with flax. (290)
1 c strawberry halves with > 1 tsp sugar. (60)

2 fudge-mint cookies to fuel tedious homework. (170)

Corn Chowder. (230)
2 oz pumpernickel bread. (140)
1 tsp Earth Balance. (30)

2 Tbsp chocolate chips. (140)
Potato chips. (210)

A whole wheat pita with 1 Tbsp chunky peanut butter and a sliced banana. (340)
Baby carrots. (35)

Total calories: 1,645

A little high on the calorie front. I didn't expect to eat much after work, but... well, you know how it goes. The corn chowder is from VwaV, of course, but I used half-and-half sweet and white potatoes this time. It's interesting. I really like the color. I think I prefer it with all regular potatoes, though.

I have pictures, but it's late and I have to get up early for work. I'll edit this post tomorrow and add them.

So, when you're restricting your calories do you find that you're hungry when you go to bed at night? Like does your tummy rumble and do you wake up ravenous in the morning? If I go below 1500, I feel like that's what happens with me. I've been done with counting cals for awhile now, just because I will become REALLY obsessive if I do. I just feel like my body is so freakin' stubborn. And craves too much chocolate =(
You seem to be doing really well, though. Rock on.

Yum! The VwaV Corn Chowder has been on my "To Make" list for a while now. But I haven't seen any good corn cobs lately.

I made VwaV brussels sprouts tonight (quite yummy) and added them to a stir fry I made with some red peppers, snow peas, cauliflower and green string beans. Yummmmy!

ms. mercedes - It kind of varies from day to day. Sometimes I can eat 1,200 calories and be really full, and then other days I just eat and eat and never feel satisfied. When I eat more real food and less junk I eat less and feel fuller, of course. Why must chocolate be so delicious? Deliciously evil. I try to avoid getting completely obsessive by sort of tracking as I go rather than planning out what I'm going to eat in advance.

kat - I definitely cheat and use frozen corn. I'll make it with fresh once the good stuff is available again, but until then or if I'm just feeling lazy frozen works fine. Your stir-fry sounds good! I love them, but they never seem good when I'm not eating one. Weird.

I need to make that freaking soup, this picture just makes me feel silly for not, it's so great. I even bought some bay leaves just for it! Now, to buy corn and the hot pepper..

Yeah, you really do need to make this soup. I'm not actually sure how I enjoyed life pre-soup. I never have hot peppers on hand, so usually I leave them out and add a little more cayenne.

That's it - the picture sold me. I'm making this soup. Tonight, even!

yo.. the pic looks nifty!! can u post recipe for corn chowder..

kat - Awesome! But it won't be so orange unless you use sweet potatoes. Just so you're not disappointed.

kunsjoi - Thanks! I posted the recipe a while ago - you can find it in the archives.

I finally made it.. Here it is!!

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