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Sunday Menu 3/12 - Spaghetti with Leeks

Oat O's with a sliced banana and soymilk. Oat' O's are generic Cheerios. I kind of hate them, but there wasn't much else around.(260)

VwaV Corn Chowder and potato chips. Yum. (380)

2 fudge-mint cookies. (170)

Spaghetti with marinara sauce and sauteed leeks. Because I love me some leeks. (397)

2 Tbsp chocolate chips. (140)
Baby carrots. (30)

Total calories: 1,377

P.S. I uploaded the corn chowder picture. It's a smorgasboard of complementary colors.

Wow...the corn showder looks gorgeous. And those leeks look so fabulous. Makes me think of impending spring weather! I had my first asparagus in a long while this weekend. I cannot wait for farmer's markets to open back up...

Spring really brings out the best in vegetables, I think. I'm lucky to have a year-round farmer's market, but of course all the really good stuff comes around in spring and summer. When leeks arrive back on the scene, you know spring is on its way. :)

I need to make this chowder again, it was so good! Maybe I'll try with the regular potatoes this time and see how I like it. I bought a bar of dark chocolate at Whole Foods yesterday and of course had to eat some (full disclosure: three) hamentaschen because my friend made some for Purim. Hmm maybe there’s a reason I haven’t lost an ounce in over three weeks, I might need to join some sort of sugar addict support group…

I would totally join you in a sugar support group. It's addicting. I sure there are studies out there. And since we're going for full discolure... I just had a really disgusting number of chocolate chips. On the plus side there are is now no chocolate in the house. On the downside, there is now no chocolate in the house. Hmmmm. Also, when I read hamentaschen at the first thing I thought of was hamsters. I googled it, though, so now I know that it's cookies and not hamsters. :)

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