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Friday Menu 3/10

Raisin Bran with soymilk. (250)

2 Tbsp of chocolate chips. (140)
1/2 oz of almonds. (80)

1/2 c of baked beans. (130)
1 oz of pumpernickel bread with a smidge of Earth Balance. (85)
2 fudge-mint cookies. (170)
1 Tbsp of chocolate chips. (70)

8 oz of sweet potato wedges tossed with 1/2 tsp of olive oil and baked until yummy. (205)

2 more Tbsp of chocolate chips. (140)
1 Tbsp of peanut butter. (100)

Total calories: 1,380

Yeah, so I basically subsisted on chocolate chips today. Awesome. I had plans to make something for dinner, possibly corn chowder, but then I was surprised by a call from work. Apparently whoever I talked to yesterday gave me my hours for next weekend instead of this weekend, so I thought I had off today when actually I was supposed to work at 5. So my plans for dinner went down the drain, and I went off to Michael's for another delightful night of retail slavery.

I'm watching Best Week Ever right now, and oh man, Tim Gunn AND Santino were both just on. I think I just a spontaneous Project Runway-gasm. Before this it was the 100 Greatest Toys or something, and the hoola hoop was deemed the Best Toy Ever. This skinny little blonde comedian was explaining her technique: "I get the hoop caught between these rolls of fat," she says, grabbing her nice, flat stomach. Uh huh. Whatever, bitch. God, there is absolutely nothing more annoying in this universe than skinny girls saying that they're fat. It makes me want to force-feed them donuts until they really are fat, and then sit back and laugh and laugh as they cry in the dressing room at Lane Bryant.

What? You know you've thought about it.

Incidentally, I was thinking this morning that I wish I shopped at Lane Bryant so I could write an entry titled "Fear and Loathing in Lane Bryant." Unfortunately I've never experienced the Bryant. Or maybe that's fortunate, I don't know. It always kind of seemed like a line of clothing designed for fat girls by skinny girls who have fat friends and think they know how to dress them.

To sum up: I hate my job, skinny girls who complain about being fat, and my insane dependence on sugar. I love all things Project Runway, VH1, and fantasizing about making annoying skinny girls cry. Also, am I the only person alive who doesn't find George Clooney attractive? I just really don't. I do, however, find David Boreanaz extremely attractive - even more so after seeing this ad he did for Peta. Aww, Angel. I love you even more because you love dogs.

I think it's great that you're monitoring your food by calories - I'm doing the same thing over at SparkPeople.com. Tell me, where do you get the nutritional value (# of calories) from? Do you go to a specific website or? I'm aiming for 1300-1500 too but some days I go over. Especially since every single event with friends tends to revolve around FOOD.

I used to keep a log at nutridiary.com, and even though I don't track it religiously anymore I still use the site for nutritional information. If I can't find it there I just Google it. I hear you on social events revolving around food. Even worse is that most of my friends' gatherings revolve around alcohol. Ouch.

Oh the Angel ad is dreamy. ; )

Isn't it though? Yum.

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