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4/30 - Broccoli, Corn on the Cob, and Roasted Potatoes

Tonight's dinner was straight from the farmer's market: roasted baby potatoes, fresh corn on the cob, and steamed broccoli. Simple. Delicious. I will have dreams about that corn. And yes, that is in fact ketchup on my plate. Don't judge me.

Do you do anything to prep the potatoes before roasting? They look delish. And as long as that ketchup was for the potatoes then your cool. But if you are putting it on broccoli or corn then, my dear, i hate to break it to you but you're weird. lol.

I just toss them in a little oil and spices before roasting them. And the ketchup is totally for the potatoes. Ketchup on broccoli? Ack!

Phew! For a second there, i totally thought you might be weird.

Is there roasted garlic with those potatoes? Hmmm..I love roasted garlic with roasted potatoes!

hell yes, this looks awesome. I love meals like this. those potatoes are bombtastic!

man this is my type of meal! fresh from the farmer's market - swoon.

jessiegirl - Me? Weird? Never! I am the picture of normality. I love church and hamburgers and I have a pin-up of GW Bush on my wall. Don't you?

megan - There isn't roasted garlic, but there should be! I love garlic. :)

ms. mercedes - I would like a trophy inscribed with that, please. "Most Bombastic Potatoes." And there can be a little golden potato on top. Yay!

jess - I know, I'm totally relishing the explosion of goodness that is spring at the market. :)

Mmmm. We still have a few of months to wait before corn shows up in our market (NC - pic). Pennsylvania must have an interesting climate. ;)

I love church and hamburgers and I have a pin-up of GW Bush on my wall. Don't you? If this is the new normal then I want to be as weird as possible. Hell, freakish even! GW the pin-up boy…*lol* You’re hilarious.

justin - I really have no idea what should and shouldn't be in the market right now, which is pretty shameful. I'm sure that this isn't the perfect sweet corn we can expect in July, but after a long winter of frozen corn it's more than sufficiently tasty. :)

shananigans - I know, right? Normal is scary and over-rated.

Delicious looking veggie roast! I would have to add some diced sweet potato to the mix, along with whole cloves of garlic (already suggested by megan). Other root vegetables, like the much neglected rutabaga and parsnip, are great roasted, too. Thanks for reminding me that all vegetable meals are simple and delicious...


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