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10 Lbs of Awesome in a 5 Lb Bag

I don't think I've mentioned this before, but Veronica Mars is pretty much my favorite show. There will always be a place in my heart for the Joss Whedon Trio (Buffy, Angel, Firefly) and a few others, but Veronica Mars is my 'currently on air' obsession. If you don't watch it, you should - it just moved to Tuesdays at 9 on UPN. There are only 3 episodes left in the second season, so you'll be seriously confused if you tune in blind but the first season is out on DVD and Mars Investigations is an excellent place to catch up on everything VM-related.

Anyway, back to the point of this post. Kristen Bell, who plays Veronica, did an interview with Peta2. I love her extra because she's a vegetarian. You can read the interview here. It's nothing earth-shattering, but when two things I love join forces I feel compelled to let the world know. Plus her dogs are ridiculously cute.

I didn't know she was veg!! I'm continuously pissed that UPN has crappy to nill reception in my apartment. Is VM moving to the new network whenever that is? I know you know..

How do you feel about Firefly?

I love Firefly and am dissapointed that it only made it one season. I may be a bit bias because i am a science fiction junkie. Give me horrible aliens, diseases, mutated bugs, intergalactic travel... you name it i'm watchin. I never got into VM. My current series fave is Grey's Anatomy.

jess - The official lineup hasn't been announced yet, but I'm hopeful. Mostly because if it doesn't get renewed I'll cry. A lot. Unfortunately VM is sort of a cult show in that it doesn't get the ratings it should but its fanbase is rabid.

How do I feel about Firefly? I feel very passionately in love with it. :)

jessiegirl - See, I'm not at all a sci-fi junkie - in fact it's usually a turn-off for me. But Firefly was just that good. You should give VM a chance! A solid marathon is the best way to get into it. Of course I like all of my TV in marathon chunks. I can never find anyone to match my TV stamina, which is very sad. TV is better with a friend.

I can't believe i wrote that list and forgot the trump card - Vampires. I love vampires.

I can do tv in large chunks, where would life be with out movie marathon day... I usually choose not because i havee other stuff to do and a bazillion books i want to read. And i despise comercials. Like with the burning passion of 10 thousand harlequin virgins.

If I'm watching something I've seen a million times, like Buffy, I can multi-task pretty well during a marathon. I get a lot of drawing done because I can just sit with my sketchbook and sort of let my attention drift back and forth. I am also not a fan of commercials, but wouldn't a harlequin virgin's passion be a bit timid? Usually they're sort of "taken" and only later realize how much they like being ravished. I think for this one we need to call in the passion of 10 thousand women who are cheating on their older, abusive/uncaring husbands (whom they were forced to marry much too young) with sensitive Fabio types. It burns.

perfectly said - Firefly is so 'that good'. I didn't think I could get past Nathan as Caleb but I did - very quickly. Oh, and Jasmine. That took a couple eps of adjustment.

I know, I'm always a little weirded out when actors show up in very different roles in Joss shows. Caleb/Mal, Jasmine/Zoe... don't forget Jayne/Hamilton! And the vampire who psychoanalyzed Buffy in "Conversations With Dead People" was Knox on Angel was one of Mal's soldiers who who was carrying stolen organs in Firefly. And on and on. It's a fun game. :)

I can’t say I have any idea what you’re talking about, I don’t think I’ve ever watched anything that aired on UPN. But I did like the article. She mentioned RFD, good food but too pricey IMO. I’d rather eat at Native Foods or Cal Vegan.

Previous to Veronica Mars I'd never watched anything on UPN either. Being on that network hasn't helped the show out much in terms of ratings, I'm sure, since people certainly don't equate UPN with quality TV. But it's an excellent show in any case. I recommend test driving the season 1 DVDs. :)

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