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Chickpea Pancakes and Tempeh Gravy Redux

Gussied up chickpea pancake. I just used the basic recipe from World Vegetarian and added chopped broccoli and grated carrots. I halved the recipe and it made 4 pancakes, but I was so full after two that I stuck the others in the fridge. The next morning I tried to re-heat them... yeah, that's not such a good idea. When the recipe states that these are best eaten straight from the pan, it's not lying.

Consistency-wise these were very strange. Kind of eggy, even omelet-esque. I've never been fond of eggs anyway, so I wasn't terribly impressed by these. I don't think I'll make them again.

Last night's dinner - White Bean and Tempeh Sausage Gravy (again from VwaV), smashed potatoes, and broccoli. Nothing fancy, but damn is that gravy good. The broccoli saves this meal from overwhelming beigeness. This isn't the best picture ever, but I took it in really weird lighting and none of the others could be salvaged. I really need to get some decent lights and set up a little food porn studio.

I have to agree the broccoli looks wonderful with that second meal. The chickpea pancakes look edible, but yeah kinda strange - I'm not into the fake eggy thing either. Tofu scramble is one thing, but omelettes, another.

I actually have never had a tofu scramble. My general aversion to eggs and so-so experiences with tofu have kept me far away from that sort of thing. I wasn't expecting the pancakes to be egg-like. It was really weird.

I actually think the chickpea pancakes look delicious!

I think your food porn studio is rockin' right now. I think your picture looks awesome. I'm not turned off by the beigeness, but I must say that the broccoli is lookin' mighty fine.
I couldn't figure out what those pancakes reminded me of until I took another look. If I didn't know, I'd think it was some sort of egg foo yong. I thnk we're all going to skip that dish. Never know until you try though, right?

jenny - I thought they were really nice looking too - just not so much with the tasting great. But it might just be me and my weird texture issues.

carrie - Aw, thanks! Considering that my food porn studio pretty much consists of either my kitchen counter or, um, my bedspread and whatever light the single bulb wants to throw, I'm usually pretty happy with how they turn out. They could always be better, though. :) I've never had/seen egg foo young, but it sounds gross. Eggs, always with the fooing and the younging. It was indeed a worthy experiment, though.

Food porn studio... funny! Your food looks delicious and I definitely appreciate you photographing them, explaining them in such great detail and sharing!

I think your pictures look amazing. I like how the pancake plate is sitting on top of the cookbook. Cool...I'm gonna try that someday.

I've never heard of chick-pea pancakes. They sound great. And, I love that they have veggies in them.

yum yum yum

kleo - Hey, I'm just glad there's a little internet niche for those of us who like to photograph our food before we eat it. I mean, if you think about it, that's kind of a weird thing to do. So I'm glad I'm a weirdo in good company. :)

megan - I like using the cookbook in the picture... mostly because I like the look of text in photos. The main issue is that the lighting in my apartment is abysmal. :( The pancakes were more just not my taste than actually bad. So you might like them. It's just chickpea flour, spices, salt, and water. Easy peasy.

What are the pancakes made off that is the chickpea part? Is it chickpea flour? I can't find that stuff anywhere.

I think I would actually enjoy those chickpea pancakes, but I like tofu, eggy, and quichey types of things. And they are quite pretty. :) I guess photographing your food is kind of weird, but I think it’s fun and I like to record things for posterity if they turn out well.

grace - Yep, chickpea flour. I get it at an Indian grocery store, but I know that my health food store carries it as well.

shananigans - If you like eggy things then you probably would like these. And I agree, it is fun to preserve your creations. :)

I love taking pics of food and seeing other peoples pics.. so maybe we're all strange here in blogland?

I've done the chickpea pancake thing too.. not that impressed.. I despise eggs too.. My favorite way to use them is to fill them with seitan mooshi.. then they're pretty good.

I love that tempeh sausage gravy! Definitely need to make that one again soon.

melody - Maybe. But who cares? Not me! I love looking at people's food. :)

chris - It's pretty much my new favorite thing. I've made it like 3 times in the last week.

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