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Peanut Noodles Save The Day

I had this whole big meal planned for tonight. It was slightly Mexican in terms of flavor, and it was going to be goooood. But then I came home from another day of retail slavery and worked out the logistics of it all, and of course it was going to require way too much cooking time and also some ingredients I didn't have. So I scrapped that (though I've filed the menu away for another day) and suddenly lost all motivation to cook. I'd been deflated. I contemplated going out to eat, but around here the pickings are pretty slim. Plus I really can't afford to go out. So I turned to an old standard: peanut noodles.

We're out of soba noodles right now, so I used whole wheat linguine. The veggies are grated carrots, steamed broccoli, and peas. I threw in some cilantro just because I love cilantro. I thinned the sauce out a bit too much, so it wasn't as thick and sticky as I usually like, but it tasted good nonetheless.

Obviously this isn't a new and exciting dish, but I thought the picture turned out well so I wanted to post it anyway.

Tomorrow: some very special sugar cookies. Hold onto your hats.

dear Vegan,

I'm sure your dishes are delicious !!!

mmmmmmm ... MWAAA !!!

keep posting, maybe one day I will pay you a visit and self-invite myself to take the dinner with you ...


Hello from a blogger down under in New Zealand. I was surfing the blog world when your blog popped up. It is a really great food blog. Can I mention your blog on my blog World Recipes & Foodie Blogs

claudiu - Thanks!

kelvin - Of course you can! :)

I love how colorful it turned out!!

We ate pretty much the same thing last weekend, but with rice noodles. It was really nice in the hot weather. This is a good one to try to sneak tofu into, if you freeze it and cube it, or you can squish (ok, "puree") it into the sauce.

I like that your post your meals that you consider your everyday kind of not blogworthy ones. It gives me ideas for quick meals when I don't have tonnes of time or energy. Looks great - totally blogworthy!

Sesame noodles save the day around here too...
Love your last post, the pesto, potatoes and tempeh.. looks lovely. I always take my pics right in front of the window too, and the glare drives me nuts... (I suppose I could shut the curtains.. but I love natural light too much)

jesnny - Thanks! I liked my food colorful - I always feel bad eating a big plate of beige. Even though I love beige.

jessica - I've had tofu once with this; it wasn't terrible, but I still prefer tempeh. I've kind of given up on trying to love tofu to the same degree and just started buying two packs of tempeh at a time.

megan - Aww, thanks! I always like to see what other people are eating for the same reason, whether they consider it blogworthy or not. :)

melody - Thanks! Natural light is definitely the best for shooting food porn; it makes everything look sort of... clean. Fresh, I guess. I've found that if I just avoid the window itself and photograph in its ambient light I get the best results.

Great lookin' mixture of healthy things in there. Wow. I wish when i felt deflated after a day's work that i could cook up something even 1/4 that divine!

Do you like soba noodles more for a reason? I like them, too, i was just wondering...

vegan, you're lovely ! I sent you an email, hope you received it :)



kleo - Aw, thanks! I just really love soba noodles - the taste and texture, everything. The linguine worked just fine, but for any sort of peanut sauce dish I just like soba better. :)

claudiu - I did! Thank you for commenting - I glad you like the blog.

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