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A Lazy Dinner + Cherry Cobbler

A spicy "chicken" Boca patty on top of whole wheat linguine with pasta sauce from a jar. My favorite is Bertoli Marinara with Burgundy Wine. This is obviously no great culinary masterpiece, but I wanted to post it anyway because the reality is that sometimes I'm very lazy. Also, the lighting in this picture is horrendous. I need to start cooking more thing during the day so I can take advantage of the sunlight. Maybe I should make lunch my largest meal. My eating schedule is so whacked that it would probably be more akin to most people's dinner time anyway.

The first of many cherry creations. I used the Peach Cobbler recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance, but tweaked the hell out of it to accommodate the change in fruit and to make it lower in fat and calories. I also halved the recipe, and then split it even further by baking it in two smaller dishes. So I ended up with 4 servings, with each dish containing enough cobbler for The Boy and I together. The leftovers got covered and put in the fridge for future consumption. And by "future" I mean "tomorrow." Possibly for "breakfast."

The cobbler in an unfortunately-colored bowl. It's made even worse by the reappearance of The Yellow Light of Doom. Anyway. I've never made the Peach Cobbler straight up from the recipe, so I don't know how my modified version compared, but it was pretty damn tasty in any case. And not too bad for you, either: less than 200 calories and 3 grams of fat per serving, plus 4 grams of fiber. The topping was perhaps a bit less crisp than I'd like, but not enough that I'd feel compelled to go the full-fat route. Besides, this way I'd feel less guilty plopping some vanilla Tofutti on top.

I think lazy dinners are perfectly acceptable to blog about! We all have them, so it's nice to see other lazy dinners so at least we're not always eating the same old lazy thing.

That peach cobler looks great. I don't know if I've ever had a cobler before? From the picture I assume it's like a crumble, but more cakey. Whatever it is..yum.

That lazy dinner looks like what I eat 4 or 5 nights a week, so no need to feel bad about it! I LOVE cobblers, and this looks absolutely scrumptious. I’m gonna pick up some cherries at the farmer’s market today, even if they are $4/lb.

I've had that lazy dinner more than once. I actually really like it. Megan is right, we all have them. Especially on workdays. Who wants to work 8, 9, 10 hours, then come home and spend 2 hours cooking and another hour cleaning up?
That cherry cobbler looks really good. Never mind the yellow. It looks really good. I like peach cobbler, but the man I married is so weird - he doesn't like peaches either. Cherries, that's another story.

megan - Cobbler is pretty much a crumble/crisp except with a biscuity-type topping instead. Mine came out kind of cakey, but still good. I prefer the bicuity kind.

shananigans - Yay cherries! It sucks that they're so expensive. I saw some at my farmer's market today for $5.00/lb. I've hardly made a dent in my giant bowl o' goodness and already I'm trying to figure out how many times I can go back before cherry season is over. The Boy doesn't understand how one person can eat so many cherries. I don't understand how he keeps his hands out of the bowl.

carrie - Yeah, I'm a fan of this lazy meal. Tasty. Proteiny. Good stuff. Sometimes my lazy meals consist of rice cakes and peanut butter, especially if The Boy isn't home for dinner. So this is kind of an upper middle class lazy meal for me. I'm not a big fan of peaches, so I must be weird too. :) I like them in things, just not whole. I think it's the fuzz.

heh, i have a crazy-ass eating schedule too. we often eat dinner at 11pm.

i also like the word "masterpieve." it's like a REALLY big pet peeve.

Ha! Sometimes typos are awesome. :) I feel weird eating so late, even if I did get up late enough to justify it. I've been brainwashed by the 9-5 lifestyle that I don't even lead.

That cobbler looks SO good!!!

i'm way into the spicy boca chicken patties!!!!!!!!!! wow, that looks soooooo good!!!

and as for the cobbler, i would be thrilled to have a bite... mmmmmmmm!!

jenny - Thanks! It was a bit cakey for my taste, but still delicious.

kleo - I used to love the Morningstar Farms chicken patties before I went vegan; I still think they have a better breading. I wish they'd take the freakin' eggs out. I like the Bocas, though. I cook them like twice as long as directed so they get super crunchy. :)

I don't think that it is a lazy dinner. I think that it is quite complex and it looks great.

what an awesome recipe! I wonder if you have more recipes with cherries on it.

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