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Radio Silence

Wow, I'm such a bad blogger. I haven't posted in ages, I know. I have valid reasons, though. School started up about a month ago and it's kicking my ass six ways from Sunday. I haven't really cooked anything in weeks. And since no one wants to see the bowl of popcorn and the apple that I had for dinner tonight, well, there's nothing to post about. My general internet activity has been very limited. I haven't been over at the PPK boards, or visiting other blogs... it's sad. But unfortunately it's also necessary at the moment.

I don't have a break from school until the end of November. I don't want to say that I won't post until then, because hey, I might. But at this point every waking hour I have is either spent at school, at work, or doing homework. That thing they call "free time" does not exist. So that's the situation. I'll be back at some point, but for now this little slice of the interweb is pretty much on a mini-hiatus.

that's sadening but i hope you'll come back with tons of energy and new recipes. i really love everything you blog

I hear ya! Schools been pretty tough right from the beginning this year. What's weird about me though is that that is when I blog the most. I went on my hiatus in the summer when I didn't have anything better to do! Haha.

hey! Sorry to jump the gun on the ppk, I figured it was school. I recall doing the dissapearing act myself during the end of college. Good luck!

jess from gs

Good luck with school!!

I'm just relieved to know that you're okay! I kept checking in almost every day hoping for another post, and becoming more and more worried when it never came.

By all means, please, take some time for yourself and focus on school work. There's more to live than just blogging.

Glad to know you're still alive! Yup, studying can be pretty full on - good luck with that! Try and make time to get some good, nutritious food in you, or you'll burn out and not be able to study. Take care :-)

Been wonderin' where you've been. Stay healthy... Wishing you the best in your studies, too.

le sigh. you and your blog inspired me to create my own food blog :) be well and study lots!

Still missing you, hoping you are doing well!

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