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Banana-Coconut-Date Oatmeal

Breakfast! Now that it's really starting to feel like winter around here (it's been in the 30's this week), it's time to ditch the cold cereal and break out the oatmeal. I got up miraculously early this morning and exercised, and by the time I was finished I was starving. I fought the temptation to just grab something and made this extremely satisfying oatmeal instead.

I'm sure everyone knows how to make oatmeal, so I'll just say that I simmered my oats in a mix of 1/2 cup very vanilla soymilk and 1/2 cup water, added cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla extract, and three chopped dates. After it was done, I mashed in a small banana and topped it with 1 1/2 tbsp unsweetened coconut. I feel extremely dorky and anal-retentive for giving measurements like that, but I'm counting points at the moment so I'm measuring everything. This worked out to 6 points, and will keep me full for quite a while. It was also seriously delicious. Like a tropical party in my mouth. Yum.

My new food love of the moment is Silk very vanilla. So sweet, so good. I know it's all "Fortified for kids! Kids love it!," but I don't care. I use plain soymilk on cereal and stuff, but for drinking straight, in coffee or tea, and making oatmeal, very vanilla is where it's at. I want to make vanilla pudding with it, too. It would be vanilla overload. Just how I like it.

Your oatmeal looks seriously yummy! I must make this.

I'm a plain soymilk gal myself, but my boyfriend is a Silk vanilla boy and he does like that one - I've bought it in the kids' sizes for trips - very handy. Actually I have a container of hazelnut milk at home and it's quite possibly my favorite nondairy milk so far, pick some up if you haven't yet~ I've tried banana in my oatmeal before and haven't liked it, but your creation with the coconut and dates alone sounds excellent.

I love coconut paired with dates! This sounds great, though I think I'd have to omit the banana for myself.

Glad to see you back, and hopefully the next couple weeks will go by quickly and easily for you!

kati - Thanks! It was pretty delicious. :)

jess - I've never tried hazelnut milk. I've seen it, though, so next time I'm at the health food store I'll get some. I'm sure I'd love it. I love hazelnut anything. I'm weird about bananas; I love the flavor, but I don't like the texture by itself. So if I mash it into something or make a smoothie out of it then I'm fine, but I rarely ever eat bananas plain.

nikki - Aw, thanks. I'm hoping they fly by too. Coconut and dates are awesome, together and alone.

The combination of the banana, dates, and coconut sounds wonderful. I've just started to eat oatmeal more also so I can't wait to give this a try. I have banana and coconut but no dates. I'm going to be ultra daring tomorrow and try it with no dates! haha!

Hey - it's great to see you back. I've miss you and your creative posts.

I find that when I fill my muffin liners too high (ie more than 3/4) that I always have problems with the muffins sinking. When I stick to the 3/4 amount, no problem.

vivacious vegan - Try it! I don't think the dates are essential. I just love them. Raisins would work equally well. I find you can throw just about anything into oatmeal and it comes out tasting good.

megan - Aw, thanks. :) I missed posting. That's an excellent point about the muffin liners. I never pay much attention to how full I'm filling them. That could definitely be a factor.

Nice comforting combo for these horrible chilly mornings.

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