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Picture Problems

Apparently I've exceeded my bandwidth limit on my photobucket account, so all of the images on the blog are broken for a while. So that's awesome.

oh no! is it fixable?

My bandwidth will reset on the 24th; until then I can't get the images back without re-uploading them all someplace else and changing all the links. I might just switch to a blogger template until then.

try flickr.
i think it works well.

i love your blog.
i have just gotten into food blogs.
i am living in paris, and there isnt much vegan food. there isnt much vegan food, and there is no alternative vegan scene that i have found.
your blog gives me my fix.
i hope it works out.
the pictures are wonderful.

Ugh, sucks about the photo thing... good thing it's fixable!
Personally I liked the old blog template better, but this one's cool too. What happened to your other links?

Don't worry, this template isn't staying! I'm working on a new one. I just wanted to switch back to a template until I can get the new one up, because the old one was a mess with all the images broken.

Everything should return to normal within the next few days.

Not sure how much bandwidth you're using, but you may want to look into an account with someone like pair.com for images. It's $5 a month or so, and includes plenty of space and bandwidth.

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