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Tuesday Menu 1/31

A Peanut Butter Cookie Luna Bar and a Fuji Apple.

A PB&J on multigrain bread, fresh pineapple, red grapes, and two clementines.

1 fudge-mint cookie.

Leftover Greek-Style Green Beans and some roasted potatoes.

1 chocolate macadamia nut cookie.
Another fudge-mint cookie.
Some mini tortilla chips.

Man, I seriously need to get back on the fruit-as-snack train. I though I was ready to have junk in the house again, but apparently I'm not. And even if I was, whose brilliant idea was it to have approximately 8 dozen cookies in the house at once? Oh right, that'd be me. I'm such a dumbass sometimes, I swear.

That sounds like an excellent menu! Maybe not enough calories though? Have you ever tried using www.fitday.com to see how much you're eating? I'm on the "Don't Be A Fatty" train too :)

I might do a quick estimate of my calorie intake at the end of the day, but I don't really count them intentionally. I usually eat between 1,400 and 1,700 calories per day, give or take - but these days I'm trying to listen to my body more than anything. You know, eat when I'm hungry, stop when I'm full, all those common sense things that don't come so easily to me. I have actually tracked my intake in the past, though, at www.nutridiary.com. I have to say, I've had much better days than today, and I really need to get back to those. Damn cookies!

Thanks for commenting - do you have a blog?

Hey! 1400-1700 is actually ideal if you're trying to lose a bit of weight. I guess the snacks add up even though it seemed like you didn't eat that much today! I'm trying to stick to 1400-1600 or so myself and I use fitday to keep track of it (roughly, anyway).

I don't have a blog, sadly - but I really should get on that shit. :P

I love reading your posts, by the way. Feel free to email me anytime to chat! velouria@rogers.com

Saw you on Vegan lUnchbox. Had to visit...glad I did. I will link you today! Great place you have here!

Mine is:

punky! - Yeah, unfortunately cookies add up faster than healthy snacks would. I need to watch that. Get a blog! Do it now! ;)

harmonia - Thanks! I'm checking out your blog now. :)

I did the counting calories on Fitday.com thing for about two weeks, but it was too much trouble for me to maintain daily in the end. It did however teach me how to “guesstimate” portions and calories and make smarter food choices, which I try to maintain most days. My boyfriend is actually giving it a try now, never though I’d see the day. Maybe this will keep him from bringing all those chips and cookies home now.

Yeah, it's a pain to have to enter every little ingredient, but I think it's useful to do once in a while just to give yourself that well of knowledge to draw from. I wish that every cookbook included nutritional information as well - it's nice to be able to see at a glance what you're getting from your food, you know?

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