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Favorite Food Meme

I found this at Monkey Eat Food and couldn't resist stealing it.

Your three favorite spices, oils, or food flavorings:
1) Garlic
2) Lemon (tied with vanilla for favorite sweet food flavor)
3) Indian spices in general, especially coriander and cumin

(The next two questions were originally just one, but I had to split them up because I can't pick just three favorite dishes AND baked goods combined.)

Your three favorite dishes that you make:
1) Aloo Mutter
2) Red Lentil Dhal
3) Corn Chowder

Your three favorite baked goods that you make:
1) Pumpkin Muffins
2) Chai cake
3) Cookies!

Your three favorite foods you buy at the store: (as in, already made, not whole foods)
1) Vegan Gourmet mozzarella
2) Tofutti vanilla soy ice cream
3) Zatarain's Black Bean and Rice mix

Your three favorite meals to order in a restaurant:
1) Aloo Mutter at Passage to India
2) Moroccan Tomato Lentil Soup at Panera Bread (it's seasonal, though)
3) Grilled Onion (Black Bean) Burger and curly fries at Lancaster Dispensing Co.

Your Three Favorite Vegetables:
1) Potatoes of any variety
2) Carrots
3) Onions

Three Favorite Fruits
1) Fresh pineapple
2) Melons of any kind, but especially watermelon
3) Clementines

Three Places You Most Often Buy Food:
1) Central Market
2) Giant
3) Redner's Warehouse Market

Top Three Things You Consider When Buying Food:
1) Is it vegan?
2) Is it worth the money?
3) Is it healthy?

Three Things You'd Want me to Make For Dinner, if you came to my house??
1) Roasted vegetables
2) Soup of some kind
3) A vegan dessert (this would earn you a gold star)

Heh, it seems like every town has its own "Passage to India". It can't be a franchise! There's one down the street from me. I wonder if their Aloo Mutter would compare? I've never had it btw. Whenever I see it I think "hi Mom!" (Allo=hi in French; Mutter=mom in German). I can't help it!

As an aside, I dropped a small fortune at Whole Foods last night and I came out with only a few items! But I think they're essential(ish) for transitioning to full-time veganism.

Our Passage to India has 2 locations, but outside of that it's just a really common name I guess. You should try the Aloo Mutter, it's amazing. I could eat it for every meal.

What did you buy that cost so much? I spurge on a big ticket item (upwards of $5) every once in a while, but usually it's some odd ingredient that I use a little of for a recipe and then have in the cupboard forever.

I got some 'staples' that I didn't have like nutritional yeast, molasses, pantry- safe soy milk, bragg's liquid aminos, apple butter, tofu, soy creamer, etc. There are other places that are cheaper but lately I've been working late shifts and nothing is open past 6 (other than Whole Foods)! :(

I'm on the Aloo Mutter train. In fact, I don't think I've ever had it!

Ah, yeah, I guess that's the kind of stuff that adds up. I would die if nothing was open past 6 - even the health food store is open 'til 8.

You need to try the Aloo Mutter. You'll die from an overdose of deliciousness. But don't worry, once you get to heaven they'll have more waiting. :)

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