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Monday Menu 2/13

Strawberry-banana smoothie with flax. This is pretty standard fare for me, but today it tasted weird. Like, bad weird. I think my flax may not be so good anymore. Which is fine, since I actually just bought a new bag. So I'm just going to throw the old stuff out. Because really, ew.

Sushi, dipping sauce, red grapes, a clementine, and 2 chocolate Earth Balls. And yes, those are Hello Kitty chopsticks you see. They come with their own carrying case, which is not pictured here. They are, in fact, the best thing ever. It's okay to be jealous. I would be too.

2 Tbsp. of chocolate chips.
1/2 oz. almonds.

Spicy Peanut Noodles with peas, broccoli, and peppers. It's official: this is my new favorite recipe.

2 fudge-mint cookies.

My chocolate consumption has gone up. I'm not sure if that's a good thing. I think it might be making me feel like a Junk Hoover. A bottomless pit of snacking. I don't like the Earth Balls, really, but I'm eating them to use them up. That's not so good, but it means they can be easily cut out. The chocolate chips are a gateway chocolate. If I'm not careful I can inhale a whole bag over the course of a day. That's not a hypothetical, either. Before I went vegan I managed to suck down a bag of Andes baking chips AND a bag of white chocolate chips in one day. The chips, they are a slippery slope.

Aw, that lunch is beautiful. And I am insanely jealous of those chopsticks!

Aren't they the best chopsticks ever? A friend gave them to me for christmas like 5 years ago, and I'm just now getting to use them. They make me happy.

That sounds like a lovely menu! I'd love to try the recipe for the spicy peanut noodles...sounds fabulous! I love that you eat so much fruit. It's a great habit! There's a guy that I work with who eats, on average, one fruit per week. I've been working on him for the past few weeks, and now he's eating 3 fruits a day!

You should definitely try the peanut noodles. They're pretty much the best thing ever. :) I don't get people who don't eat fruit. I just can't comprehend that. Were they absent the day their health teacher announced that fruit is nature's candy? I think there was a memo. Fruit = love.

I tried the Spicy Peanut noodles today, and OMG. They are SO GOOD! Really filling, though. Which means... less room for my brownies. :D

classy lunch! I'm treating myself to Indian take out today, which I'm really looking forward to. Dinner, I'm torn between really spicy peanut noodles! (you are the queen of these-thank you for motivating me to try them) or asparagus & garlic. Really I want peanut noodles but the asparagus is fresh and waiting for me.

moizissimo - I'm so glad you liked them! But I'm really pretty sure that there's no such thing as less room for brownies. ;)

jess - I wish I could get Indian takeout for lunch. The only Indian place here is a) not close to my school and b) not that great. As for dinner, well, I think you know which side I'm one. :) Welcome to the Cult of Peanut Noodles. Don't drink the Kool-Aid, some crazy guy keeps messing with it.

I’ve yet to find any sushi that I like, but maybe I’d like it if I made it myself. Those chopsticks are too cool! You know what’s probably worse than a whole bag of chocolate chips? A whole bag of mini Reese’s PB cups…not that I’d know or anything.

I think it's possible we might be the same person. I can totally relate to eating bags of candy/chocolate chips in days/weekends. Just this past weekend, I consumed a whole bag of hershey's dark chocolate kisses (which are not vegan...hence the roughness of my transition).

Anyhow, beautiful lunch, seriously. Is that a laptop lunch box?

shananigans - I never really liked sushi either. The rice was always too vinegary. This way I can season it to suit my tastes and put in whatever I want. But the nori still presses my texture issues button a little. (I used to love mini PB cups. The chocolate/peanut butter ratio was perfect.)

ms. mercedes - I wish Hershey's dark stuff was vegan. It's so annoying and unnecessary. My lunchbox is unfortunately not a laptop lunchbox. I really want one of those, but for now it's just me, my trusty Ninja Turtles box, and a whole lot of tupperware. :)

Wow, sushi! I think I'm too scared to try making my own...maybe someday.

Oh, and yes. I am super jealous of the Hello Kitty chopsticks w/ carrying case!!

You should try it! It's really not so scary. Although unless you have superpowers of some kind, your very first roll will look like exploded seaweed ass.

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