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Thursday Menu 2/9

A strawberry-banana smoothie with flax.

A small peanut butter and ricemellow sandwich on wheat bread, a huge Fuji apple, baby carrots, and two chocolate Earth Balls. I heart fluffernutters. The bread, however, was kind of stale and hard. Yum.

1 oz. of almonds.

The last of the leftover Red Lentil Dhal and a piece of naan.

A fudge-mint cookie.
A clementine.
About a tablespoon of chocolate chips.

I'm feeling chocolatey today, in case you couldn't tell. I had to fight the urge to unwrap the bar of Green & Black's Maya Gold I have sitting in the kitchen. No good can come of late night Maya Gold booty calls. Actually, those chocolate chips kind of made me feel sick, so more chocolate really isn't looking to great right now. Oof. I guess that's a good thing.

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