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Wednesday Menu 2/8 - Grilled PB & Banana Sandwich

A grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich on multigrain bread and a smorgasboard of fruit (banana, fresh pineapple, red grapes, clementine segments).

A huge, delicious Fuji apple. Yum.
1/2 oz. of almonds.
A double berry smoothie (strawberries and blueberries) with flax. It was such a pretty color that I couldn't resist taking a picture.

Leftover Red Lentil Dhal and a piece of naan.

2 fudge-mint cookies.

Reason #27 why I'm very stupid: I choose the morning after fried food to weigh myself. Really, I don't even know what I was thinking. I weigh myself "officially" on Sundays, but I can't help hopping on a few times during the week if I'm in the bathroom in the morning. The scale just stares at me, all mocking, like "so how fat are you today, beeyotch?" I'm so weak.

When I weighed this past Sunday I was down 2 pounds. I know part of that was the sharp decline in my ability to eat for a few days, but I figured that if I just kept on doing what I've been doing then it should stay off. Right? Well, yeah, probably, but then I had to go and hop on the scale this morning after what I can only assume is a high-calorie meal at Burger Night last night. And of course it told me I had gained both of those pounds back. Fun! So I'm feeling a little crappy, even though I know weight fluctuates and it was a stupid time to weigh myself and blah blah blah.

But whatever, I'm just going to keep on keepin' on. (I'm pretty sure I just channelled my mom for that one.) Hopefully things will work themselves out in a positive way by Sunday.

I've decided that I really need that camera (and all your food!).

That is the most beautiful smoothie I have ever seen. I bet it tastes amazing too. Did you use silken tofu, or soy yogurt or anything in it with the berries? I will also have to try adding flax to smooties; good idea.

Oh, and I like your Elvis sandwich.

ashley - It's a really nice camera; I'd recommend it to anyone, if a digital SLR is what you're in the market for.

sarachan - Isn't it the best color? Part of my love for the berry smoothie comes from the great color. All I use to make smoothies is soymilk, fruit, flax, and a smidge of vanilla extract. Soy yogurt and silken tofu aren't things I have around, and I like to be able to throw a smoothie together whenever I want one. You should absolutely try adding ground flax meal - you can't really taste it, so it's not disruptive to the smoothie experience or anything.

Re: Elvis samdwich - thanks! When I was making it, I had to ask Elvis to forgive me for not frying that bad boy up like he would've.

I love all your food pics! I made that vegan corn chowder with a few substitutes and it was sooooo good. I used yams instead of potatoes, they made it a happy orange color :)

I've gained and lost again about 4-5 lbs in the past week, totally. My weight always spikes on the weekend and drops off during the work week, probably because I get too stressed/busy to eat. It's a great diet, but doesn’t leave nearly enough time for blogging

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It's photos like that make me wish we had bread in the house more regularly.

shananigans - Ooh, I never thought to make the corn chowder with sweet potatoes. I'll have to try that sometime. It's crazy how much your weight can fluctuate from day to day, and I totally know that. But I still can't weigh myself every day, because despite that knowledge I take the numbers way too seriously.

jess - Aww, yeah, I love bread. I actually don't eat it as much as I used to, though, partly because if I let myself I can eat way too much of it. I become a raving Bread Monster. It's ridiculous.

I love crusty italian and french bread and loafs that are these types as well, haha. I finally weaned myself off of having baguettes in the house every week or two, and it was hard! My boyfriend is the bread monster in our apartment, but sometimes he forgets about the loaf and it goes bad..another reason no bread : ( le sigh.

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