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Tuesday Menu 2/7

Oatmeal made with a half and half mix of soymilk and water, raisins, flax, maple syrup, and a few toasted pecans.

Leftover Spicy Peanut Noodles, fresh pineapple, and red grapes. The original recipe said to eat the noodles immediately and no later, but I re-heated them for lunch and they tasted fine.

A fudge-mint cookie. Oh, fudge-mint cookie. We've been apart for a while, what with my not being able to chew... but it's so good to see you again.

Burger Night! A black bean burger and curly fries. I thought I was ready for The Burger, but here again I jumped the gun a little. I kind of had to wiggle the burger into my mouth once I got my teeth into it. It was a lot like smooshing my fat into freshly washed jeans, so you know, on that level it was familiar territory.

4 Twizzlers. I don't even like Twizzlers, but The Boy bought a bag and there they were. Evil.
Another fudge-mint cookie.

Today was a little snackier than usual. Not that snacks are bad, but two cookies and some Twizzlers are less "small quantities of healthy, nourishing foodstuffs to keep you energized and happy" and more "hello raging sugar high." But it wasn't a total junkapalooza, because there are way more than two cookies in my house. And restraint and moderation are better skills than deprivation, I think.

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