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Wednesday Menu 2/1

I did a little experiment with leftover mashed sweet potatoes and made little pan-fried sweet potato cake things. So I had 5 little cakes and some tempeh bacon. No breakfast because I woke up too late and wasn't that hungry anyway. The sweet potato cakes were pretty good, but I'll change a few things if I ever make them again.

A chocolate macadamia nut cookie. They're three days old and still just as freakishly good as ever. Clearly they're evil.
An apple with 1 Tbsp. natural peanut butter.

Corn Chowder from Vegan with a Vengeance. I heart this stuff. It's so easy and so, so yummy.

Another chocolate macadamia nut cookie.

I didn't really eat that much today, but I wasn't hungry. Part of that was waking up late, but I've noticed a trend since I've started paying more attention to my food: I'm not as hungry when I eat less. It seems counter-intuitive, but I think when I would snack out of boredom it threw things out of whack. I couldn't really tell if I was really hungry or if I just wanted to eat because I wanted something to do. Being conscious of what I'm eating and why I'm eating it ensures that when I do eat, I'm satisfied - because there was actually a need to satisfy in the first place.

I will take this as an extra thumbs up on the vwav corn soup. I actually have corn and veggie buillion in the house, nice.

I've got to hand it to you, you come up with some interesting things to do with sweet potatoes. We had sweet potato latkes last Chanukah with some craisins, they were great but too greasy! I think I'll try to oven broil them if I ever try to make them myself. Can you post or e-mail the recipe for that corn chowder? (there’s an e-mail link form my profile)

Sconed! - Make it! It's so good!

Shananigans - I bet sweet potato latkes are delicious. You could probably just brown them with a smidge of oil to keep them from being greasy. I love sweet potatoes now, so I look for new ways to use them - but I used to hate them, because the only way I'd ever seen them was with that gross marshmallow topping at Thanksgiving. Ugh.

I'll post the corn chowder recipe sometime tonight. It's pretty much the best thing ever.

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